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The history of the Manville Police Dept seems to be somewhat of a mystery. If you go over to the MPD website and click on the history section it just says “if you know anything please help” which is pretty wierd considering the old police station that used to be on Main Street where Dunkin Donuts is now was still there like just 10 years ago. Maybe the stuff was lost in the floods over the years? Im basically going to play fill in the blanks here so if anyone knows more please let me know and ill update this accordingly. Here is the Manville listing from “The Police blue book from 1940”

Manville (Somerset Co.)

Chief of police: John J. Jasinski

Municipal Attourney: George Augair

Probation Officer: Joe Bulat

4 Employees, 1 Patrol Car, 1 Motorcycle

Im guessing that this was the total police force in Manville on and before 1940, at least according to the book. I know from the Sacred Heart Manville history page that John J Jasinski was in fact the first ever Manville Police Chief. I could not find any listing on how long he served for… what i could find were these photos, again by Lee Ranauro… Im not sure exactly what year these are from…

IN THE PHOTO BELOW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT : Andrew Shutack, Chief John Jasinski, and Joe Dudash ( Thanks Joe Pafero of the MPD for the info!)



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    • That would be so amazing… and yes you can absolutely scan them. I actually found a few more police photos from the same era as the ones i have posted so ill save those for when i get yours. I also have some really good old Fire Dept photos, which will be it’s own post in the near future. But definitely any photos that you can or will scan would be amazing… I’ll be sure to post them. my email address is

      Thanks so much for helping to preserve the history of our town!

  2. The man in the middle is definitely Cheif Jasinski. He was my uncle. The officer to his left is Joe Dudash. These photos are great. Thanks

    • hey Chief Jasinski is my great uncle. He was my paternal grandmother’s brother. He was very involved in raising my father. John J. Telatnik you and I are cousins, are you my late Aunt Eleanor’s son?

  3. My sister, Molly Mikita, is a volunteer on the rescue squad. When I was visiting her at the building I browsed through old photo albums and there were a lot of old pictures I think you would like to see. I live in California now so you need to contact someone at the squad to see them. I’ll forward your site to her and let her know you are looking for them. My family moved into Manville in 1975 and my parents, bother and sister still live there. Great site. Thank you.

  4. The police officer on the left is Andrew Shutack (later became Chief) after Chief John Jasinski retired. The other two gentlemen are correctly depicted.

  5. The Police Officer on the left is Andrew Shutack. He was my father and followed John J. Jasinski as the second Chief of Police in Manville. The names of the other two officers are correct. Thank you for all the great memories in this very informative web site.

  6. my grandfather used to tell me about how him and his friends used to ride their motocycles without helmets all around the valley “Hell, the police would try to catch us but they never could. Who the hell were they anyway to be chasing us?” hahaha

    • hahaha awesome. that honestly sounds right in the spirit of Manville. I think we are really a brand of people who just need to do what they want to do sometimes. thanks for that story… it comments the blog nicely.

      • Re the roller rink: Yes, it was a Jasinski property, my grandparents (Lucy Jasinski, mother of John the Police Chief) lived in one of the apartments upstairs, Aunt Francine Jasinski lived across the hall, it was the Manville Roller Rink and the Hallabalo Disco. I’m sure someone in my family has photos from its hey day

  7. Just to straighten out the record. My dad was John Shutack who worked in Johns-Manville. The picture is of my Uncle Andy who worked his way up to becoming the Chief of Police.

  8. I am researching the history of the building now called “Rhythms” on So. Main str. and the Manville causeway. I hear that John J. Jasinski built the building in possibly 1939? Is this correct? Does anyone have any old pictures? anyone from his family still living that remebers?

    • thats really interesting. i remember that place as the Crystal Roller Palace back in the 80’s and then the Yellow Rose after that. I would like to know more about whether or not the Jasinski Family built it.

      • oops my response went to the wromg inquiry. The Roller Rink/Holabaloo Disco were Jasinski properties. My grandparents lived upstairs (Chief Jasinski’s parents) and Aunt Francine Jasinski lived across the hall. I remember helping my father clean out the entire building after Uncle Johnny passed away

  9. Believe it or not,a TV show was shot there in the 60’s.Hullabaloo hosted semi famous rock & roll and dance bands from that building.I don’t think they ever mentioned the teensy little town they were in.Inside the Palace it was a CAVERN.

    Gosh,how many floods poured thru that place….I have seen it in ’71 before the remodelling,I live two blocks away and the Millstone used to rage all around it even then BEFORE ‘Global Warming’

    What a great blog the people have here.

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  11. I was doing a bit of family research and came across this. My grandfather was John J. Jasinski. He is behind the wheel in the picture and is in fact in the middle of the picture on the steps of Police Hdqts. What great memories I have of visiting Police Hdqts as a yound boy, getting to wear his police hat, and even get a ride in what he used to call the “U” Car, which I believe was a pale yellow unmarked Oldsmobile (late 50s model). Thanks for the memories. JZ

  12. I am T.J.Zottola Jr. Chief Jasinski was my grandfather . His daughter Irene D. Jasinski Zottola, is my mother. All photos are correct . One HUGE memory of my time with The Chief was being present as a Radar salesman was demonstrating the latest in ” Crime Stopping ” technology to my grandfather on a sunny fall afternoon when I was about 10 years of age [ some 50 years ago ] . I have a the same photo of “On a call ” dated in my grandfathers hand on the back…11- 21 – 48 and a photo of The Chief at a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the opening of the LVRR underpass, December 1948, where he was cutting bits of the ceremonial ribon to give to the kids that were there. Glad to provide this information. Hope to hear more… TJZjr.

    • Good morning Martin , I am T.J. Zottola Jr. of Plano Texas a northern suburb of Dallas . I would be happy to help you fill in the blanks . Also the Chiefs daughter Irene [ my mother] is alive and quit well in Florida . I am sure we can give your search a hand . I check e-mail in the afternoons after work . I look forward to chatting with you . T.J.

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  14. All your posts are a trip down memory lane for me. The men and women who founded and developed Manville made it a special place for their children and I thank them. It was great to see a picture from long ago of my Dad in uniform.
    Joe Dudash

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