Ok. First of all, to everyone who read the intro section of this site, I said this was meant to be an interactive project. A lot of people are participating in this and I just want to take the time to say thank you… it’s coming along amazingly. In the last post I showed you some photos of the Manville (row) homes that formerly existed on Brooks Blvd on the present site of the High School. Well, Joanne Pignatore was kind enough to share this little treasure with us. It’s a map of what is described as “The Manville Plaza” from 1917. This is interesting since the name Manville wasn’t officially bestowed upon the town yet. The map looks like a map of the row homes… you can see that Brooks Blvd and Dukes Parkway are on either side. You can also see on the map that each block has a corresponding number and within each number are more numbers, which I’m assuming represent plots of land. The photos I posted last time are from the 40s… so this map suggests there must’ve been many more homes  in 1917 than there are in the previous pictures i posted, or at least that there were meant to be more built. Im still not 100% on what these houses were originally built for. Im told they were originally owned by the government and used as military homes until they were reliquished to the town and used as a temporary residence for Johns Manville workers. At the moment though it’s all just hearsay, and I intend to do some more research on it… so I’ll keep you all hot and informed on what I discover. Again if there is anyone out there with any difinitive insight into these things please contact me at Devildance@hotmail.com In the meantime though here are clickable more close-up versions of the map broken into left and right halves.



8 thoughts on ““THE MANVILE PLAZA” 1917 (MANVILLE HOMES)

  1. Hi.

    I would love you to get in touch with my father, John Krasnansky Jr. He was born on top of Petey’s old bar and has lived in Manville his entire life.

    My mother has lived in Manville her entire life as well and still lives with my father in the house my father built about 48 years ago. The land was my Great Grandfather’s (Mom’s grandfather) and he owned mostly all the farm land in Weston before he started selling off parcels.

    My Grandfather (Dad’s dad) started John Kay Electric in Manville in 1924 and it still remains on Main Street.

    I emailed my family to make sure they share this link with them. He has a dial up computer and it would take forever for them to bring this blog up.

    I live in CA. A friend sent this to me.
    My parent’s phone number is 908.***.****
    I’ll give them the heads up should you feel moved to gather more information.

    Thanks for sharing these memories…
    Jen Frances

  2. I remember Johnny Krasnansky.Didn’t he own a business in Manville? I seem to think Manville Electric???
    I dunno,some things I can’t remember too good,but I know the name.

  3. My father’s family grew up in Manville on N. 8 Ave . (my aunt still lives in the home.) Before the 13th Ave. railroad crossing the crossing was on N. 8th Ave.

  4. Jennifer, I would love to get in touch with you. We just bought our house in Weston and I’m currently trying to do research on the land. I want to trace it back as far as I can but have hit a few bumps.

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    • The site looks like the old project section of Manville which was at the site of Manville Highschool. There used to be an old project school on that site also. I used to see it when they were constructing the highschool in 1956 of 1957. I remember the old project school being torn down.

      Donald Impellizeri – Manville Highschool Class of 1965.

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