Hey everyone… it’s been a handful of days since I put up a post here, but you know, I was off enjoying my independence. My apologies. Anyway with the help of a friend I just reworked this entire post upon the realization that these photos are not just of the Main Street School (even though they look exactly the same). The arial photo and the one all the way at the bottom appear to be a different school in an area which looks to be Camplain  Rd., or at least thats what we thought based on some of the landmarks. I believe there was a school called the Camplaign road school, so im going to go ahead and assume thats what these are.. the photo right beneath this text IS the Main Street School, which was located at the current parking lot on main street that used to house “the gazebo” . Main Street School was a grade school, which had kids kindergarden to 5th grade… my mom went there in the 60’s recalls it being “really old” and I vaguely remember it… I think it was torn down in the late 70’s. Camplaign Rd school I really dont know anything about….  if anyone has any info on these, or any good stories please post them here. thanks! The following photos are from Neal Ranauro’s photo archive… they are dated “1948”




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  1. I went to the Manville Main Street School from 1957 – 1962. There actually was a small tunnel that ran from the back of the 4th grade room ond out to the hallway. It was tall enougn for the students and most adults It was so neat, I still remember it like yesterday.

    • Hi Cindy – I remember you singing at some event we were having in high school. Hope u r that Cindy. I also went to main st school from ’56 to ’59. I graduated in 1966 . I don’t remember a tunnel tho. Hope u r having a good life…I’m living in N.C.

  2. yep, the aerial shot is Camplain Rd. school. To the left of the school across 7th ave, the long building that almost looks like a church, was a sewing factory my grandmother worked at. Across Camplain rd from the sewing factory is Mary’s Market owned at the time by Mary and Frank Jablonsky who also ran the Polish Home and then Frank’s Chicken House.

    • My family moved to Manville in the summer of 1965, that fall I went into the 5th grade and attended Main St. school. The following year I had to go to the school in Weston because Main St. school did not have a 6th grade. I spent 7-12 at Manville high school where I graduated in 1972.

      • Curtis, not sure if you remember me but I am Jim Brown. I graduated in 1973. I attended Emanuel Baptist Church. I think you went there too and hung out with Ron Bloom. Let me know if you get this.

      • Jim, yes I remember you, Emanuel Baptist Church and Ron Bloom which will be celebrating his 55th birthday this weekend. I hope all is well you.

      • Hello Curtis, You’re a name from the past. Do you remember me, I also graduated in 72. I hope you are having a good life and all is well.” What a long strange trip it’s been”!

    • Ron. I believe that I attended the Main Street Elementary school
      in the third grade 1944-1945. I lived in the “Project Homes.”
      The picture on the Manville Elementary Schoool “Classmates”
      website looks lile what I remember. But you say it was grades
      6-8. Maybe you can shed lite. Where did the children from
      the “Project Homes” go to school? I am white. There were
      no blacks at the school. There were blacks in the “Homes.”

    • Hi Ron…when I went to Main St School in ’56 to ’59 it was first thru 6th…I also lived on north 5th ave…210 north 5th. ..or did you live on south 5th ? Anyway, hope all is well !

  3. I have been enjoying your blog. Great photos and information. I put a link to your blog on my Hillsborough blog here where I have also written on occasion about Manville. Just search “Manville” when you get to my blog.

    Would you consider putting a link to my Hillsborough blog on your site? I would appreciate it ver much.

    • Hey Greg… you know it’s funny I do occasionally go over to your blog. Awhile back I read an article you had about the schools and how it was ironic that Manville was fighting to have it’s own school, and is now pushing to merge. It was well researched an informative. Where did you get the info about the vote? it seemed like you had specific info about that. Anyway I like your blog I’ll def link you up.

    • Ahhhh, Camplain Road School. Attended 1964-1970 (K-5th grade, then over to Rossevelt for 6th grade). The school in the movie ‘A Christmas Story’ reminds me of Camplain Rd. School. You just DREADED going up the creaky stairs to the principal’s office! Miss Kanya was my favorite teacher, then seconded by Mr. Brunn (not the current Principal at ABIS).

      Hey, my dad and his brothers built a lot of homes in Manville under Stefanchik Brothers.

  4. Most of that blog entry was based on an article titled “A New Town is Born…Johns Manville comes to Somerset”, which appears in the book “Somerset County, 1688-1938 : a chronology with tales from the past : a bicentennial project”. I think I had another source also, but I can’t remember it now.

    Are you involved in the Manville history book that the library is working on? I just heard about it this week.

    Also, I have a street map from the 40s with some mysterious streets laid out around the Hillsborough/Manville border east of Route 206. Maybe I’ll scan that today and put it on my site.

  5. Oh nice. I would love to see that. I could definitely do a companion post and link you up. I added you to my blogroll as well. Im actually not involved with that book. I have been contacted to do a picture oriented book, but I’m trying to collect some more info before that happens. As for that other book I wasn’t aware of it until the Manville News article came out, and no one has contacted me about helping out so… I’m not too sure what its going to be like.

  6. Great to see pictures of Camplain Road School again – I’d love to see more. I went there from 1970-1975.
    I have some Manville pictures on my website. Click on the bottom left “Other Pictures” button. Also, there are many old family photos on the rest of my website that were taken in Manville. My mother grew up in the long white brick house on Camplain Road, next to Gatto’s. As a matter of fact, Gatto’s parking lot used to be my Mom’s yard. My great grandfather built that house, as well as the Rhythm’s building.
    I would love to take a look at Neal’s photo collection – I did not know such a thing existed!

  7. I enlarged the picture of the Camplain Road school and it looks like a bus near sixth ave. Did they have bus service back then? I remember later they had bus service to Somerville.

  8. I also went to Main Street School from 1957-1962. A lot of fond memories there. I’m glad to see a picture of it since it is no longer standing!

  9. That’s definately Camplain Rd. school.I went there from 65-71 K-5. Does anyone remember who the pricipal was? That pic was probably from the late 40s. The Sugar Bowl and Millies House of Beauty haven’t been built yet. They where located right across the street,as was Risko’s Hardware. I see Mary’s Market and Bellomos licquor Store.Right behind the school was where John Spock lived, as well as Ken Radwanski. Their houses weren’t built either. Radwanskis’ brother had a brand new 69 Plymouth Road Runner. It was a gold met. 4-speed car. He used to fire it up while I was walking by.Barbara and Donna Jones,Ronald Anthony,Arlene Holoman and the Specians all lived on sixth ave . What good memories I have of that school.

  10. This photo is pretty awesome, we grew up on south 7th (Jim : D ) and the photo shows our house, no trees in the yard yet and it even looks like the roads are dirt. It was great to see what it looked like so long ago.. To bad there are no photo’s of inside the school, with the long hardwood hallways, and the large globe lights hanging in all the classrooms..

  11. gosh I started at Main Street school, from Kindergarden to 4th grade, then for some odd reason I was redistricted to Camplain for 5 th , (kicking and screaming as I didn’t want to leave Main street school.) Remembering Mrs Fato. then had to go to Roosevelt for 6th, Where Chris Shulack and I made the great attempt to where pants to school, what rebels we were, but Mr. Surgarman allowed it after that.
    then ABIS, for 7 & 8th. Then to the High School. Hey remember the dances we use to have in at ABIS, I do recall it was always the good old band called Barley Corn.

  12. The Specians live on 7th ave.(I’m pretty sure)I’m married to Joanie Specian.Her mom still lives there,along with Bobby and Allie.Danny lives in Middlesex,Nancy is in Colorado and Davey passed away a few years ago.That would be the first house up the hill from the left side of Camplain Rd school towards the tracks.

  13. I went to Camplain Rd. School (first & third photos) from grade 1-5 during the 1940’s. Then we went to Main Street (middle school) for grades 6-8. We didn’t have kindergarten in those days!

  14. I attended Camplain Rd School ’57-’63 (K to 6th) – yes, 6th grade too. We also had half-day sessions for a year or two because of lack of space. Mrs Capano (sister of James Capano phy ed tecaher) was the principal. I remember her showing us how the hard top roof on her new Ford Fairlane retracted. Remember the “Safety Patrol”?

    • I was a safety patrol in the early 70’s. Whenever I pass through town I still glance over at the South 8th and Camplain intersection, remembering being “onnnnnn duuuuuuty!”

      I also remember Mr Pilla sternly watching over me making sure I stacked the milk cartons the correct way in the box.

      My father recently returned my report cards to me… these were my teachers: K) Mrs L Patero, 1) R Hildner, 2) Miss Kelco, 3) Mrs Musselman, 4) Mr J Brunn (Mrs Walters for music), 5) Mr J Brunn again.
      Charles G Isola was principal 1970-71 and Miss E Machita 1971-75.

      Then the school closed. 😦

      In my 1975 final report card 4th marking period comment box, Mr Brunn wrote “Happy Summer Vacation! Good Luck! A.B.I.S.”

  15. It is ironic to read former Manville students write about “split sessions” in the 50s and 60s because split sessions is one of the main reasons Manville voted to secede from Hillsborough in 1929. The Hillsborough school board had been forcing them into split sessions for years.

    Thirty years later, in an independent Manville, nothing had really changed.

  16. The split sessions were only temporary.Back then I guess school boards didn’t know they could just jack up our taxes and build a new school. 😉 I went to Sacred Heart from 58? to 66?.We had full days.
    Mrs.Capano didn’t live on So 21st did she?
    Just curious because I almost bought a black Fairlane500 like that one she had back in 1969 or 70 from a woman on So 21st Ave.
    I left Manville about 20 years ago and every time I see it,it’s changed.

  17. I;m replying to Tom Kopsco re: Mrs. Capano. Tommy, Mrs. Capano actually did live for some time on So. 21st. She moved later on after I left Camplain Rd. and lived on Washington Ave. until she passed on.

  18. Three schools are not in your school site – Roosevelt School (N. 4 & 5 Ave. and I attended 1/2 sessions in the 5 grade) Project School (now Manville High football field, and Sacred Heart School.

  19. Yes – those are Main St and Camplain Rd schools. I went to Main St school K-4, late 1950’s – early 1960’s. In the early 1960’s, Weston Elementary opened and I went to 5th and 6th grades at Weston Elementary. Some of the teachers I remember were Miss Collins (3rd), Mrs. Gerechka (4th), Miss Pappas (5th) and Mr. Ford (6th). I remember playing kickball in the Main St school playground.

  20. I went to Camplaine Road School from grade 1 thru grade, 1953 – 1956 and then went to Main Street School. The first day of school in 1956 our whole class had to walk down to Main St School. I had Mrs. Capano when I was in third grade and I had Jim Capano for a gym teacher at Manville High School from 1959 thru 1965.
    Take care,

    Donald Impellizeri Manville Hiigh School Class of 1965.

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    • Fantastic job with the new pictures. I really enjoyed viewing them and it brought back so many memories. I emailed them to my brothers Dan and Larry Savage. We lived in the projects and then our parents bought a house in Weston on Raritan Ave.

      Cindy (Savage) Fierst

  22. Having read this I believed it was extremely enlightening.
    I appreciate you finding the time and energy to put this article together.
    I once again find myself spending way too much time both reading and leaving comments.
    But so what, it was still worth it!

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