Earlier today I got a message from a guy named Greg who has a blog called Gillette On Hillsborough. Manville and HIllsborough converge in the past, and his blog covers some of Manvilles history as well… needless to say, we’ve found an allied in one another. I linked him up to the main page of my blog so if you ever feel like wandering over for a different perspective feel free. Today he put up a particularly interesting post concerning the towns of both Manville and HIllsborough… he called it “The Neighborhood That Never Was” and indeed it is. The map was aparently drafted in 1945 and appears to have streets that flatly just do not exist… or continuations of streets that do not continue in reality. I don’t want to spoil his fun so heres a link. THE NEIGHBORHOOD THAT NEVER WAS



  1. My grandfather told me that some original plans for Manville included having its borders go up 206 from camplain rd to dukes parkway. But from what I understand, the politicians didnt want any part of it. Im not sure how accurate this info is, but he knew a lot about the towns happenings.

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