WOAH! IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME! I didn’t give up on this site… I promise! So this next post is for  Ron Chernesky who is a regular in engaging the site with comments, info, and actually even appears in one of the school photos. I wish I could be a bit more informative on the subject of the Manville Rescue Squad, but unfortunately all I have at the moment are a few amazing photos. I am glad that he asked about the rescue squad though, because in my digging through photos I discovered a photo of a Charlie Chernesky, whom I’m assuming is of some relation to Ron. I can’t say where this building was, but I’m 99% sure that someone that looks at this site can tell us. Like all of the other buildings in 50’s Manville there is close attention paid to the design of the building. From the sign across the top, to the finely constructed door and garage bays this building is just awesome looking. If you look at the first aid vehicle fleet photo at the bottom you can see that flooding was obviously always a concern in town, as there are a bunch of life preservers hooked up to one of the trucks. All photos by Neal Ranauro. If anyone can contribute any info please do.





13 thoughts on “MANVILLE RESCUE SQUAD!

  1. Hi Mr. Gillette,

    I believe that the Manville Rescue Squad pictured is at the corner of South Second Ave and South St. near the Lehigh Valley RR tracks. Its next door neighbor is Firehouse #1.

    Best wishes,

    Art Shandor

  2. Charlie Charneski is indeed Ron’s father. He was one of the founders of the rescue Sqaud. Charlie was also the original cubmaster in Manville, I have many group photos from the early 1940’s of the Cub Scouts & more rescue Squad pictures.

    • Hello Charlie Charneski was my grandfather ,I am so happy to have stumbled upon this site Ron Charneski is my father , I would be overjoyed with any info you could give me. I remember as a child my grandma had a scrap book of all my grandfathers boxing fights but they have been lost in the family, I find this to be a true tragedy as to the fact that I was the only one relative who had a shot at the boxing community, but I did take grandpas words of wisdom to heart and just like he said I would be I am, a happy man

      • Charlie Charneki is also my grandfather, Ron is my uncle and Norma Jean, was Ron’s sister. I also remember going through Granny’s scrapbook with all the boxing, rescue squad, and Elks pics. He was an avid gardener, his tomatoes were the best. As Thomas, my cousin said, he left us with a wealth of wisdom!

  3. I was just turned onto this site… but awesome pictures… Im a current member of the manville rescue squad and have access to a ton of old photos… if you have any interest or have any questions about the history of the squad… let me know ill help you out as best as I can… keep up the good work

  4. I lived on South 5th St. when growing up in Manville and the Rescue Squad building was on S. 3rd and along the railroad tracks…this is a great site! I’m enjoying the photos and have lots of childhood memories of Saturday matinees at The Manville Movie Theatre.
    Marie Trombadore Arleth

  5. This site really gets your memory going! I live in Florida, but was born and raised in Manville. I don’t get there too often anymore, so was thrilled when my brother Charles let me know about it. Every picture is exciting! I don’t remember Neal but I remember the JM paper “Spotlight” . ron

      • Karen — What a surprise! Glad to see you on this site. Most of the stuff on here is from when I was a kid. Did you see my picture in sixth grade?

      • Karen How is everyone? OK, I hope. Being in Florida we lose track of everyone up north. Uncle Ron

  6. My Grandfather (John Toth) bought the house on the corner of S. 4th and Washington in the early 1900’s. I do believe that the little white house in the left hand corner w/ the 3 windows of the 2nd photo is the house my family grew up in. If I recall correctly, the house was originally built up on stilts because the area was “swampy”. Also, the 2nd education picture is from the late 60’s. I recognize some of the ladies who probably graduated in 68.

  7. When I was in Cub Scouts back in the 60’s we went to the Squad Building off of South Street to learn “artificial respiration”. One of the kids put money in the soda machine there and it dispensed a bottle of beer.

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