So here is a curiosity that I’d love to hear a little info about. The Manville Character Club… it looks like it was a social club associated with Petey’s Casino?  I wonder if that has anything to do with Petey’s Tavern… anyway, Im not sure what the Charater club actually did… but damn if it didn’t look like  a good time. I’d love to hear about what this was all about. anyone?



  1. If you notice the sign, you will see it was affiliated with another bar. Pancho’s in Hazleton, PA. During the 50’s the Character Club from Petey’s would go to Hazleton and march in their New Year’s parade. Petey’s was the gathering place for a lot of the men that migrated from the Hazleton area. They worked here in many of the factories after WWII. They had social events as members of the Character Club, picnics and in the day, was mostly an all men’s club. That is all I can remember.

  2. Petey’s was owned by the Seminick family. My father went to Petey’s every Sunday for a “Board Meeting”. The Bud was on tap, cheap and cold. the “”Character Club”, had bus trips and some 50/50 dinners. I am not sure about charity works.

  3. My Grandpa(Fred Gorbatuk Sr.), Father(Peter Gorbatuk) and Uncle (Fred Gorbatuk Jr.) were all apart of the Character Club. The Character Club was a Social Club which raised money through dues, 50/50’s, baskets of cheer, raffles, etc. and donated some to a Charity of their choice and spent the rest on themselves like having Picnics, Bus Trips, Dinners, Christmas Parties, which included the Spouses / Girlfriends / and Children. I spoke to my father and we have a few photos of the Character Club in action, we are still looking for programs from installation dinners and the by-laws of the club. I can scan these pictures in if you are interested.

    • Tim i actually know you from high schoool. My name is Mike Polnasek, not sure if you remember. Anyway if you can scan some photos and send em with any info you have… I’d love to post em up! This is already some great additional info. thanks!

  4. Gorbatuk is correct with his information on the Character Club.
    I knew his grandfather, and worked at Petey’s along with my dad
    Maxie. Petey’s Casino and Petey’s Tavern or Bar, are the same place.
    Nice people, nice place, cold beer.

  5. I remember the Character Club floats in the many parades in town. There was also a “Nut Club”. Anybody know about this?

  6. Hello ,,,,,,, Yes the Manville Character Club and Petey’s are all part of the history of Manville. The good old days. I gave the Manville Library every thing that I had of the club. Check it out.
    Petey Semenick, Jr. past president (KING) of the Manville Character also Co-owner with Helen, Joyce & Petey Semenick, Sr. of Petey’s Inc. Est. 1933 to the last call in 1994 Before it was a tavern it was a Candy Store and Grocery Story. From 1910 to 1933. Before their was a Manville.

  7. Hi Pete,I remember going to you place as a kid with my old man Al.Then when I was an adult.Wish it was the way it was way back when.I’d be hanging there as an old man.Truly a part of Manville history.I remember your dad,a great guy.
    Thanks for the memories.

  8. Tim,
    Good description of the workings of the Character Club. The dinners and picnics were part entertainment for the members and their families and part fund raisers. We even awarded scholarship money to a MHS graduating senior for secondary education. I was the recording secretary for a couple of years.

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