“Greetings from Manville, N.J.”

boat postcard

I find that ebay is a priceless resource for uncovering old Manville propaganda. Occasionally I’ll happen upon a rediculous postcard that is clearly just a stock image placed by someone who has obviously never visited the town. I have a collection going at this point, but I thought this was a particularly unbelievable example.


13 thoughts on ““Greetings from Manville, N.J.”

  1. NO NO NO….that is definately a depiction of one of the “ponds” within the Johns Manville dump near Gerber field. We used to sket there in the winter…except on the pond that never froze!!!!!hehe

  2. And to think that I keep going to Griggstown to kayak with this in my own backyard! Too funny!

    How nice to see a site about Manville. Wonderful work! I would like your permission to link this blog to my Manville photo gallery on Flickr. Thanks!

  3. For Years I have been looking for a post card showing the Asbestos Hotel Later to become the Johns Manville office building on Main Street
    has anyone ever seen one ?

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