Manville Character Club Revisited

Group Photo


I recently put a post on here about the Manville Character Club that much to my suprised generated a lot of interest. It’s crazy because I knew very little of what the character club did, or if it even played an inportant part in Manvilles history. Thanks to the fine folks on this board we now know that it was a men’s social club that rotated around Petey’s Tavern and sponsored a lot of charity events, dinnners, trips ect. and included a lot of folk who immigrated from the area of Hazleton Pennsylvania to work in the local factories. A guy named Tim Gorbatuk (and i believe some help from his uncle who was in the club) was nice enough to dig up the clubs Bylaws, which can be viewed HERE. He also supplied us with the above photo, and the ones below of a new member being initiated into the club. This is a pretty amazing archival score. THANKS TIM!

Initiation Group photo




6 thoughts on “Manville Character Club Revisited

  1. How many people can we identify. Found my uncle Mike in the second picture. On the right in the stripped shirt. He cooked for many of the picnics.

  2. Check out the Manville Library. You can learn all about the Manville Character Club. When I closed Petey’s in 1994 I gave the Library every thing I had. petey jr.

  3. WOW….my brother John told me about this site and it was quite a trip down memory lane… dad is in the first photo in the center, I remember everyone knew him as Muzz, and now my brother John is called Muzz. Is there more pictures of the Character Club picnics?

  4. Debi Stout …. Just to let you know. I remember your dad “Muzz” and your hold family. Muzz is the person who taught me to fish. To day I do a cable TV series called Jersey Fishin’ He was one hell of a painter. Painted my house and the Tavern many times. Your mon and dad were nice and good people. Up in the sky their is a Petey’s and my dad is the bartender and your dad is having a beer.

    • Hi Petey,
      Yea, my dad taught everybody to fish, I wish he were here now because my kids love the sport and they would have loved fishing with him. Thank you so much for your kind words.
      Debi Stout (Mascola)

  5. Picture # 1
    Taken at the Manville Roll Ring in the 50’s
    Installation Dinner

    Back row … Joe Novecky, Peter Deal, James Jenkins, Al Batcho (former mayor) Harry Hurdler, Mayor of Manville Frank Baron, John DeBellas and Peter (Maxie) DeBellas.

    Front row …. Fred Grobatuk, Elmer Patrocty, King (President) Chester Mascola, Al Pankowski and John Pastula.

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