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Today was a suprise victory for Manville cultural material. A lot of you on this blog know me as a guy with a heavy interested in town history, but my first love is really music. I spend obscene amounts of time scouring used record stores, antique shops and cruddy disgusting basements for hidden vinyl treasures. So all of you out there in the Blogosphere reading this…. if you have a pile of records you want to sell… I’m your guy. I like all kinds of music primarily psych, jazz, funk, and PUNK ROCK (…eh-hem … Tom Kopsko) ANYWAY… this afternoon I was scouring a local antique store when my worlds collided. I came across a record from a guy named Marc Zydiak. The cover grabbed my attention, and like always when I become intrigued I flipped it over to look at where it was made. When I read the words Recoreded at TransAudio Studios, Manville N.J. ” • “Asbestos I knew how” I almost fell over. The label that released it was called Nirvana Records based at 1145 Green Street Manville, N.J. 08835. After a little internet research I learned that one of the songs “Frosty the Dopeman” appeared on a Dr. Demento record. As a lifelong music enthusiast and record collector HOW DOES THIS GET BY ME! I even own a record made by a certain member of this board many years ago. Anyway, my frustration is a a happy one, because ultimately I do now own a copy of this album. Color me excited. There is lots of instrumentation on this record including a few last names that I recognize… The A side is a comedy laden folk rock record, the B side is completely instrumental focusing on Zydiaks 6 and 12 string guitar stylings… with some slide guitar thrown in on the opening track. I must add that he does actually have some skill. Anyone out there know about this?



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  1. Wow! What a find! Nirvana Records/ Package Good productions must have been based out of Marc’s house on Green Street. He was the second youngest member of the MHS class of 1970 (I’ll give you one guess as to who was the youngest!) A lot of the musicians on side one of the album also went to MHS with us, mostly 69 & 70 grads, except for Alfie’s younger brother Joe, think he was 76 grad. Marc was in a band with Frankie Leotti (I think) & a couple of guys from Bound Brook (Rychie Chalenda? lead singer) Might have been called Fireballet at one time, but they had a different name before. Used to play occasionally at the bar on S. Washington that later became Frank’s Chicken House (another high point in the history of Manville!) i’m sure I have the album (Night on Bald Mountain) that they released SOMEWHERE. That’s a copy of the cover art I found online.

    • Does anyone remember ( around 71 )when CCR was supposed to play the Manville V.F.W. hall and it turned out to be a scam of some kind? ( Names left out to protect the innocent. )

      • Didn’t the president of the senior class have to apologize?The opening band was borberigmus?Than no creedence.Does anyone remember mountain at immaculata high in somerville?

      • I was at both the CCR non-concert at the VFW and saw Mountain (Leslie West, Felix Pappalardi, Corky Laing), at Immaculata. Good concert. We had good seats close to the speakers. Which is why I claim that today the hearing in my right ear is not as good as the hearing in my left ear.

      • Yes, I waited in line for couple hours, forgot if I got my money back, what was that? I was SO excited to see them. Jim Smith, played James Taylor at Hillsborough High.

      • Not a scam. I was there. CCR was a no show. The back-up band played — ZZ-TOP, No one cared that CCR didn’t show up. We even got a refund of $7 — the price of the ticket. Great and memorable concert.

    • Hey, Frank! Graduated with you all in ’70. I can remember back to 8th grade when Mark and used to call me after school and in the evenings to serenade me with his drumming. Drove my Dad nuts!
      I was an art gallery director in Montreal when he mailed me his latest album and was thrilled to be married, a Dad and teaching science somewhere. But that goes back to the 80’s. Always enjoyed his music and warped sense of humor – plus, he was a decent artist, too. All things creative. (He’s the one who changed my name from Debby to Debi in 7th Grade by rendering it in caligraphy.) Good to know he’s followed his muse

      • Marc was professor of science at Caldwell College but is now teaching in the Atlantic City area. He was married and lived in Westfield during those years but never had children.

  2. Marc’s band MAY have been Black Amber. Town Owl is another possibility, but that might have been a band that Frank Iglewski fronted for. Just too many years and beers gone by to remember. marc appeared a few times on Dr Demento’s radio show, too.

    • man I would love some more info on what was happening around town in the 60’s and 70’s musically. It just occured to me that there was a lot more going on than I am aware of.

    • I think Marc’s band was just called “Amber”. I remember them playing at high school dances. For some reason, I specifically remember them playing “Cathy’s Clown”.

    • Town Owl was Frank Iglewski’s band. He was lead guitar and lead vocals. Maybe Alfie Grillo on drums. Band would play the old song “Kathy’s Clown” in honor of Frank’s girlfriend, Kathy Viscione, at every gig. Then we all graduated and Frank got drafted…

  3. Yes, the recording “studio” was in the basement of Marc’s house on Green Street. I used to live across the street from the Zydiac family. As a matter of fact, Marc’s younger brother Tim is an excellent mechanic and works on my brother Bob’s boat all the time.

    As for Joe Grillo, he is an outstanding musician and band leader of Gforce. Joe is also the horn section leader for New Jersey’s “The Nerds”.Frank Eglewski’s brother Ed is also in Gforce.

    What a great find!!!


  4. Hi Frank, it’s Gerianne from across the street on 7th Ave! This is weird.

    Mark may have graduated in ’69 with my brother, I’m pretty sure Ronnie Baron did. Joe Grillo was a ’75 graduate with George.

    My parents used to have Nick Novicky’s album with the hit, “Asbestos City” on it!

  5. i came in contact with this website through my daughter i was part of this musical adventure and would love to relive some old and foggy memories i am a manville resident so if i could hear and possibly copy this record you found i would be very happy if you can leave me an email i will be very patiently awaiting your reply thaks

  6. I was the recording engineer for Marc’s album and “45” with the ever popular, “Let’s Start a Punk Rock Band”. My studio was on South Greasheimer Street (not Green St) and later moved to Main Street Bound Brook (pre floods!!). Fun times! Lots of memories!

    • I graduated in 70 with you guys.I lived on Roosevelt.You knew me as Al(long story).I often wondered who hung in there with the music.I failed miserably at it back then.Got back into it years later and formed a 3 pc.punk band that held together for 13 years.Made one album(I’ll get it out to you soon,I swear..send me your address again) that went nowhere(another long story).Joined the Razorbacks as bassist for a while then dropped out of music for about 20 years.Now back into it just for fun and also building,modding,repairing electrics as a hobby.
      Any of you guys get together to play?I’d be up for that sometime.I mostly play rhythm guitar.

  7. mark zydiak was my science teacher in high school. funniest class i ever had! does anyone know where to find his music video of “Halloween” from album, “Things with Wings?”

  8. In the early ’70s I helped run a Scotch Plains coffeehouse called Mama’s Illusion. We were only open on Fri/Sat and relied on local talent to get the crowds in. Zydiak came to perform one evening. (I think he was a friend of my co-mgr’s older brother, who went to Rutgers prob’ly at the same time as Zydiak.) Don’t remember his whole set, but do remember that he did a pleasing cover of “Little Lamb Dragonfly.” A quick google shows that he’s all over the web, including the Dr Demento stuff, and is teaching in the Atlantic City area.

  9. Mark Zydiak sang “Frosty the Dopeman” a funny parody about doing drugs , figures hes from manville haha but it is featured on an album from the 90s called “Loony Tunes-Weird Song Parodies and Odd Music” check it out. If you search his name and the song on youtube you can hear it…its quite funny.

  10. For anyone interested in obtaining copies of Marc Zydiak’s LP, 45 or his CD “Things with Wings” please feel free to contact me (Marc Zydiak’s Biggest Fan) at

    Also check out:
    Marc Zydiak featured on The Mad Music Archive (1978 to present)

    Marc Zydiak on Looney Tunes, Looney Tunes 4CD Set of Weird Songs Parodies & Odd Music, also featuring Groucho Marx, Bobbie “Boris” Pickett (“The Monster Mash”), Frank Zappa, Chuck Berry, Spike Jones, Weird Al Yankovic, Robert Crumb, Arlo Guthrie, and Steve Martin

    Marc is also played on the Dr. Demento Show
    and appears on Rhino Records’ LP: Dr. Demento’s Dementia Royale

  11. Wow….I lost touch with Marc and lots of people I went to Roosevelt School and MHS for 7th and 8th grade when I went to Immaculata. I just happened to stumble on this when I was looking for some info on Manville and asbestos for a friend of mine. I will be “home” this coming weekend and would love to hear from someone who remembers me.

  12. Michelle, do you have a sister Veronica? And did you live on N.17th or thereabouts? If so, do you remember the deaf mutes from Somerville? Charlie Coene and the rest.

    • Hi Tom,

      Yes, Ronnie is my sister and I do remember Charlie and his brother, Henry. We hung out during 1971 when I went to VoTech for nursing. What’s up with them these days? I remember your name, too….like I said, Immaculata removed me from the Manville scene after 8th Grade.

  13. The last I heard Charlie was living in Pa. somewhere.That was 10-15 years ago. I have no idea where Henry went. My brother Jerry and I used to roll with Henry and Charlie and I remember Ronnie and I’m pretty sure we met a couple times. That was almost 40 years ago..can you believe it? I live up in Washington Borough in Warren County. Where are you and Ronnie now? I’ve got 3 daughters and 3 grandkids now..Time flies when your having fun,huh?

  14. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. In the grand scheme of things, there is marginal interest in Marc Zydiak’s music. He is only riding the coattails of Dr. Demento, (a man of dubious caracter).
    Marc is a creative guy but hasn’t captured the brass ring. I really think that he ought to remove his claim of “being featured on the Tonight Show” from his list of achievements. I think he only got a dollar or two for the royalties.

    • So what shows have you been featured on Mr Radzik that you think highly enough of yourself to place yourself in a position to belittle the achievements of others?
      A wise man once said: ‘A critic is a legless man who teaches dancing.’ As for riding the coattails of Dr. Demento, I don’t believe either he or his coattails were ever featured on the Tonight Show.

      • Marc uses this “featured on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show” in several of his bios. I have googled him many times and find that when he teaches music (in the Atlantic City area) he prominently places that at the top of his credits. In all reality it was a blip on the screen and is a misleading statement. It is ambiguous enough for some people to misconstrue it as an appearance by him or that the song “Music” was given more credit than it was worth. I don’t knock Marc’s talent and creativity but I do question his motives for creating a “legend in his own mind” regarding his apparent success. BTW, Lil, I think you ARE Marc Zydiak……master of disguise!

  15. That would be a good trick, as I’m 100% female (for which my husband is thankful). No, the better theory would be that YOU’RE Marc Zydiak – a clever way to get publicity by stirring up controversy. Your last names (Zydiak/Radzik) are strangely too similar for it to be mere coincidence. But, the only problem with this “stirring up controversy” theory is that, from what I can tell from those that have met or know him, Marc appears to be quiet, reserved and very private, possibly not even aware of these postings on this site. As far as the Marc/Tonight Show connection, unless you or anyone else knows differently (and it doesn’t sound like you do), it is not for us to judge facts we don’t know, such as maybe Marc’s music appeared on the Tonight Show SINCE that time you knew him (back in 1977 when you played on his LP) and you just are not aware of it, and also maybe a copy editor (and not Marc) was the ultimate author of his music “bios” (for which I can’t find even one on the internet anywhere, by the way). Regardless, there are so many internet references to Marc Zydiak’s music that mention OTHER artists equally or more (sites with which Marc doesn’t seem to have any connection whatsoever). If Marc were self-promotional, I’d think he’d have his own website, which apparently he does NOT. To me, that means his ego is completely in check. I respect him for apparently taking the high road in this 21st century cult of celebrity.

    P.S. I also noticed that you had posted a prior entry on this site (where you told of playing music with Marc and that he is a “very bright and talented guy”), but curiously you had your earlier, much more complimentary-to-Marc entry on this site removed. What’s up with that?

  16. Radzik & Zydiak strange? Look at the album “Lil”. I had stayed in touch with Marc for several years after playing on this release. Marc himself does not know how, when or where the song “Music” was played on the Tonight Show. He joked about receiving the royalty check for a few bucks but decided not to cash it because it looked impressive. After that, he boldly opened his online resumes with “Appeared On Jay Leno’s Tonight Show” several times when he was working as a music teacher. Marc IS talented and bright. He is also very funny and clever but I just think this self promotion was shameless and bloated. By the way Marc, you ARE doing a good job at disguising yourself as a woman.

  17. The musical accomplishments of Marc Zydiak, prominent on the world-wide web for all to see, are simply not neutralized nor erased by a singular delusional, obsessed second banana.

  18. Prominent? To be associated with the ludicrous Dr. Dementia hardly qualifies one to be a significant force of creativity on the “world wide” web. 99% of hits on Google relating to Marc come up with basically the same thing….. “Frosty The Dopeman”…..a bad spoof on a traditional Christmas song. I would not want to have that dubious distinction nor be proud of a song that endorses and glorifies drug use. I am only obesssed with YOUR obsessing and as far as being a “second banana”, I would gladly go head to head with Marc on songwriting and musical accomplishments. I will still relent and speak highly of Marc especially on his album “Things With Wings” . He showed a much greater degree of growth and ability. This piece of “history” just plain sucks wind and oh by the way, the album is still on eBay for $3500. Marc himself probably put it up for auction to make a point. Attraction works better than promotion.

  19. PS: All of Marc’s songs have one problem…..his voice. He should have just played instrumentals. Too much affectation and limited range. He also has an annoying vibrato and quivering vocal style. Twas I who smoothed out the rough edges duiring those “analog” years. I also want to know why he lists “phase shifter” in his credits. That’s just plain silly. Oh yes, and another thing: I have spoken with a few of the other musicians listed on this album. When I mention it, they simply roll their eyes and shrug their shoulders.

  20. An email I recently received, thanks to this website, from a fellow fan of Marc who interviewed him in the mid-1970s for the Rutgers College newspaper (The Daily Targum) said she distinctly remembers discussing “Frosty the Dopeman” with Marc, since it was apparently among the most-requested songs at his Rutgers performances. As it turns out, the song was written in protest to the Nixon Administration’s House on Un-American Activities, investigating drug lyrics in pop songs of the 1960s and 70s, blacklisting songs like “Yellow Submarine” and “Puff the Magic Dragon” (children’s songs) on radio. (This was around the same time as George Carlin’s “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television”). As the story goes, Marc was so incensed that Congress was ridiculously wasting taxpayer money to set up a committee to investigate children’s songs for “hidden” drug references, that he instinctively selected a well-known children’s song (“Frosty the Snowman”) and intentionally inserted obviously-exaggerated drug references to demonstrate the absurdity of irrational censorship.

    Through the use of hyperbole, Marc created “Frosty the Dopeman” as an intelligent satire of political waste. It is definitely not a drug song. And therein lies the genius. Simple, but profound. Serious, but funny. The fact that Marc Zydiak’s :”Frosty the Dopeman” is still being enjoyed and talked about more than 30 years later on the internet is a testament to its popularity, something the jealous critic here apparently cannot bear, hence his blind ignorance and lashing out about an LP record the jealous critic HIMSELF apparently played on, leading one to the inescapable conclusion that the jealous critic’s brain must be impaired from more than thirty years fermentation of sour grapes.

    • Hello Marc/Lil! YOU know that I know it is you. A casual “hidden” reference in your post confims my suspicions. I’ll tell you what………..I wash my hands of this diatribe…………and I only have to do it once.

  21. The jealous critic is not content with belittling the accomplishments of others. Now he professes to know WHAT I know, and to know WHO I am, not EVER having met me. His arrogance is boundless. Jealous people poison their own banquet and then must eat it.

  22. I give credit where credit is due. Marc’s “fame” is like a marble rolling around in a boxcar. He is a flash in the pan. I am not only NOT jealous of Marc but somewhat ashamed that my name is on this album. Not only does “Lil” purport to be a diehard fan but now introduces a 3rd party who remembers the minute details of an “interview” with Marc in the Daily Targum over 30 years ago! Give it up Marc. I know your capabilities of stealth, deception and self-righteouness. You aren’t going to let this go until you win back your reputation by making me look bad. Best thing to do is back off.

  23. Without a website of his own, Marc Zydiak is likely secure in himself and his accomplishments and has no need for publicity or self-promotion. Ironically the jealous critic attempts here to utilize this site to selfishly highlight his own contributions as back-up musician on Marc’s 1977 LP, then, exhibiting an inexplicable but obviously embarrassing bi-polar reversal, criticizes the very project on which the critic appeared as second banana… a banana without appeal.

    Within the postings on this site (and censored postings which readers unfortunately CANNOT see), the jealous critic has long ago been defeated by:
    1) the self-contradiction of his own words,
    2) his paranoid delusional obsession with Marc, an apparently more-accomplished artist,
    3) the jealous critic’s posting multiple errors of fact, glaring logical inconsistencies, and verifiable fabrications,
    4) the jealous critic’s at least one former-complimentary-to-Marc entry on this site the critic requested be removed, and another entry by the critic emailed to us website participants during mediation but apparently ultimately thought too-offensive-to-publish by the webmaster, and the jealous critic’s credibility forever impeached thereafter, and
    5) yet-another 180-degree reversal, that being the jealous critic’s just-prior / recent announcement to end a vitriolic “diatribe”, created by himself and his all-consuming jealousy, only to now reappear from under his rock,
    all demonstrate the pathetic rants of a frustrated, unaccomplished hungry ghost in desperate search of a soul.

    P.S. As soon as the former reporter for the Rutgers Daily Targum emails me a scan of her interview with Marc from her archives, I will be more than happy to provide it, upon request, to this pompous jealous critic (although I must confess a certain distaste for violently-jealous people, whose insecurities and narcissistic need for recognition and attention cause them to try to get noticed by denying the accomplishments of others). I am frankly not too hopeful after presenting conclusive proof in black & white and expecting a mosquito to be able to read.

  24. Yes, this is Marc in all of his litigous glory, covering every detail like a long-winded self appointed attorney but hasn’t had a very good success rate in courtrooms. Don’t get too upset Mark. You are fragile. I really do still like you. Just remember:
    “One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one’s work is terribly important.”
    Ciao, my Polish brother!

  25. The jealous critic, taking on the persona of his obsession, by now admitting that he is Marc and that he still likes himself is further evidence of the jealous critic’s delusion and his love/hate relationship with his status as second banana to Marc.

  26. The “jealous critic” is not admitting he is Marc. YOU are Marc, Lil!
    No one is THAT much of a fan to step up to the plate for Marc so it HAS to be the man himself. This “second banana” stuff is getting old. Bring Marc to me and we will stack our accomplishments side by side. I assure you that you will be a convert in no time……even Marc will too. This barrage of insults has become reduced to ad hominems and I still maintain that my original criticism ONLY had to do with Marc’s misrepresentation of himself as being FEATURED ON JAY LENO’S TONIGHT SHOW. And please, no more Dr. Dementia stuff. If you removed him from the web and did a search on Marc Zydiak, the hits would take up all of two pages at most. BTW, this album is still going for $3500. Where are the buyers????

  27. If the jealous critic has musical accomplishments of his own of which he is proud he should appreciate and value the loyalty and dedication of his fan base, and respect and understand the rights of fans of other artists to be left alone to enjoy the artists these fans value, without interference by spurious, meritless claims and unsolicited opinions which make things unpleasant for everyone. It is indisputable that Marc Zydiak has fans all over the web and we are very protective of any music which gives us pleasure. What should be crystal clear is that belittling the accomplishments of others will NOT be tolerated and we will defend Marc Zydiak’s music, just as the critic’s fans would presumably do the same for him.

  28. Fair enough. I’m comfortable with that. It’s been nice chatting with you Mark. Sometimes we ALL like to stir up the pot a bit, eh?

  29. Wrong again. It has been neither nice “chatting” with you, nor am I your obsession, Marc. My name is and always has been Lil (short for Elizabeth), former member of both Harmony and the European Anti-Apartheid Organization.

  30. Non-sequiter. Lame attempt at associating your name with a few organizations and offering your “real” name as Elizabeth. Your continual replying to every one of my posts demonstrates obsession …..perhaps borderline OCD?

  31. There was and is nothing lame about our group’s fight in Western Europe for universal human rights, benefits from which can be enjoyed by even those with delusional obsessions.

  32. What does Western Europe have to do with Marc Zydiak on the Tonight Show? Is Marc playing Frosty the Dopeman in South Africa in order to raise money and conciousness for universal human rights? Maybe he should take his talent to N.O.W. (National Organization For Women) and offer his song “Nymphomaniac Bliues”!

  33. Although each take different forms and are separated by an ocean and some years in time, both Marc Zydiak’s multi-dimensional songs and the verifiable success of my own country’s hard work in Western Europe starting in 1980s in the pursuit of human rights for all people are similar. Both are self-evident.

    • OK, let me see you “verify” who you are. This idealistic psychobabble about human rights for all is diverting from the original post AND to compare your apparent pursuit of world equality with Mark’s “MULTI-DIMENSIONAL sucess is absurd beyond belief. His talent is linear at best and are mostly self serving ventures of personal gain which have added up to a big fat zero. Here’s one feather for your cap: My band asked Marc to open for us a long time ago at a high school concert. During his “performance” he used a profanity. The teacher refused to pay us until Marc apologized. The bull-headed SOB refused to and we had to take a cut in pay because of Marc’s insensitivity. Yes, it was the song Frosty The Dopeman but instead if lighting the “bugger” up, he sang “f***ker up”. Real smart move there Mr. Quiet, Peaceful, Solitude! Check out Marc’s unsuccessful results of representing himself against Caldwell College in a lawsuit regarding copyright infringement. What cracks me up is that he fiercely protects his intellectual property which has very little value in the first place!

  34. Even if this is true, it is NOT against the law for an artist to include a strategically-placed profanity in a work which protests, lampoons and expresses outrage at government wasteful spending. (According to an email I received from a former Rutgers college newspaper interviewer, Marc wrote “Frosty the Dopeman” in the early 1970s to protest the Nixon-era’s House on Un-American Activities Committee wasting of U.S. taxpayer money by scrutinizing and blacklisting alleged “hidden” drug references in 1960s & 70s children’s songs like “Yellow Submarine” and “Puff the Magic Dragon” among others. The absurdity of irrational censorship. See my July 28, 2010 posting on this site for further details). To make his point, THIS is the time period the jealous critic is recalling more than 30 years later, in a desperate attempt to disparage a likely then-20 or so year-old college student. In all likelihood, the now-jealous critic was entirely familiar with Marc Zydiak’s apparently most well-known song at the time he invited him to perform (in the 1970s !). For the jealous critic to now bring up this alleged incident with his obviously-feigned indignation more than 30 years later is completely disingenuous and incredulous. Time marches on, except for the obsessive critic.

    It is also NOT against the law to seek redress in the courts for a wrong done. Courts exist for this very purpose, although litigation is almost always a daunting and exhausting experience. The fact that Marc apparently represented himself in an intellectual property lawsuit is impressive, since intellectual property law, by its very nature, is one of the most difficult-to-litigate areas of legal practice, since it deals with the elusive realm of “ideas”, the most intangible of human creations. From the link provided by the critic, a review of the court record shows Marc (the plaintiff) and one defendant party entered into a “stipulation of dismissal” (settlement) while Marc voluntarily dismissed the case against the remaining defendants. Settlement and voluntary dismissal reflect parties’ natures to compromise. That is a GOOD thing.

    Being a former member of Harmony and the Western European Anti-Apartheid Organization, from direct involvement and experience in the (ultimately successful) efforts to free Nelson Mandela, I know full well that litigation is almost always a daunting task. It is NOT for the squeamish, But it DOES build discipline and strength of character. Mr. Mandela represented himself and rejected at his own legal peril white defense lawyers (from the ruling apartheid regime), Not surprisingly, Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life in prison. Upon his release after serving 27 years in prison, Mr. Mandela became President of South Africa, and was the first South African president elected in a fully-representative democratic election.

    Prominent Disclaimer: It is important to note that I am NOT in ANY way equating Marc with Nelson Mandela, (nor am I equating Mr. Mandela with Marc). They are from different countries, different cultures, different times, and different causes. What they DO have in common, however, is strength of character, a sense of justice, and my admiration, as well as the admiration of others on the world wide web.

    Regrettably, with his current posting, the jealous critic continues his public demonstration of his own all-consuming jealousy of Marc Zydiak’s modest recognition in the music field, which has obviously been eating alive the jealous critic for more than 30 years, evident from the jealous critic’s recalling events from “a long time ago” [the critic’s own words] and referencing a “high school concert” (probably no later than the 1970s). As best I can tell, that, at-the-time, would put Marc Zydiak at somewhere between his late teen years to his early to mid 20s. If my math is correct, at best guess, Marc must be almost 60 years old now. I hope he has found the peace and contentment we all strive for.

    More than 30 years ago the world was much different place. My country’s experience with the Anti-Apartheid movement proves this out (with Nelson Mandela’s release and subsequent election to South Africa’s highest office as just one example). In 30+ years the world has made remarkable political progress toward universal human rights and consciousness-raising of those who were formerly resistant to change. There is much work to do and we still have a long way to go.

    Unfortunately for the obsessively jealous critic, over 30 years have been a waste of human potential, with him, drowning in his own anger and frustration, devolving and resorting to the insipid present day “Reality Show culture”, filled with bitterness, disregard for the rights of others, exaggerated and sensationalized emotion, misplaced anger, sociopathic behavior, and no class.

  35. This is long winded and repetitive. I have not thought about Marc for years. This board piqued my interest and it brought back some memories. Working with him was sometimes a lot of fun at first but after a while his self-importance was unnerving. Without getting too specific, Marc is viewed by many (including those very close to him) as somewhat of a “nutcase”. He is a quirky guy and his sense of self-importance is unsettling. I am by no means jealous of this guy. I wouldn’t want his “accomplishments” nor his tortured life! Many a nights I have spent on the phone enduring his talk of revenge towards certain people in his life as well as an endless well of self-pity and degradation. This was the year 1998. By the way, 30 years ago was certainly a different place but STILL no place for Marc’s obstinate and self righteous behaviour. He used profanity in front of school children. Shouldn’t a teacher know better. Perhaps Marc fancied himself as a rebel. Yes, a rebel without a pause. He had an answer for everything…..unfortunately the wrong one.
    Soooooooo. Now we have Marc emerging on a Manville blog getting attention for his ridiculous song “Frosty” which in the end made him no better a person but rather a bitterly disappointed also-ran in the world of music…..a small pebble dropped in the ocean who ripples were felt by no one.

  36. If Marc hadn’t yet graduated college at the time of the 1970s high school concert he could NOT possibly have been a teacher at the time he was invited to perform by the critic (who, by his invitation, must have known quite well both Marc’s college repertoire and his most-requested song), making the critic’s indignation over an alleged ½ second utterance more than 30 years later simply daffy. What is certain is that, by 1977 (possibly earlier), when Marc Zydiak released his LP (from the copyright notice on the LP cover’s reverse), the lyric line in question in the song “Frosty the Dopeman” definitely contained only the word “bugger”. As it turns out, the song apparently didn’t need an expletive to be popular, and one can imagine that this must have been a maturing realization to a young man, who was still learning and evolving as a person.

    For each of us, life is a learning experience. As Nelson Mandela has said, “I have walked that long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps along the way. But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment here to rest, to steal a view of the glorious vista that surrounds me, to look back on the distance I have come. But I can only rest for a moment, for with freedom come responsibilities, and I dare not linger, for my long walk is not ended ,,,. You can never have an impact on society if you have not changed yourself… Great peacemakers are all people of integrity, of honesty, but humility.”

    The lessons from our struggle against apartheid and in support of Mr. Mandela’s release are many. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights asserts that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

  37. Marc’s resume:
    Sounds like a bright guy doesn’t he? Well perhaps, but a very irresponsible, obstinate, self righteous one. His original lyric was “F***ker up” and only changed the album version to avoid problems with the FCC. In spite of this, he took his original version and performed it publicly in 1977 in front of a large audience of high school students. My band looked at me afterwards and said “Where did you find this idiot?”. I apologized to the administration and we had to take less money because of Marc’s insensitivity. He just thought he was being funny and pushed the envelope.

  38. An interesting but certainly heavily-biased perspective on the artistic development of a song which became popular even without the alleged expletive. I’m sure Marc learned something valuable from the experience, ultimately changing the word when he recorded the song in 1977. Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes; Art is knowing which mistakes to keep.

    Even we in the Anti-Apartheid movement had internal disagreements and strife in debating the optimal strategies to free Nelson Mandela and how best to advance universal human rights. For instance, disagreements about whether or not Sinn Féin members should be prohibited from joining the Anti-Apartheid Movement was a major cause of the rift between IAAM founder Kader Asmal and the Labour Party’s Conor Cruise O’Brien, which became public in 1986 after O’Brien renounced the student boycott and accepted a lecture invitation at the University of Cape Town where local student groups had disrupted his classes in both Cape Town and Johannesburg, resulting in the first time there was any organized opposition inside South Africa to academic visitors. Development of a world-wide movement for social change, involving all the complexities of human personality, institutions, geography, language and cultural differences is no small task. In retrospect, it is a nearly impossible thing to pull off, that is, until it’s done.

  39. I guess you’re right. Michael Richards learned the hard way after his racial diatribe at the comedy show that ruined his career. I’ll bet he wishes he never said what he said. I wonder if Marc ever felt any remorse since his own onstage indiscretion.
    I am not “heavily-biased” on the development of creativity. I just wonder if some artists don’t understand the line between say, nudity and pornography or meaning and profanity as in the case of Frosty. It was more likely an act of getting attention than true artistic expression.

  40. Some critics view Botticelli’s anatomically improbable masterpiece ‘The Birth of Venus’ as “pornographic”, although informed art historians acknowledge its genius, and its status as a universally-recognized masterpiece is secure. Censoring a song about censorship is an absurdity beyond comprehension. This would be akin to a teacher taking a group of students on a class trip to an Art museum, only to pass out eye masks (literally covering their “pupils”) as they near the paintings of nudes by Titian, Ingres, Rubens, Manet, Renoir, Cezanne, Picasso, and Gauguin. Knowledge suppressed perpetuates ignorance.

    If it happened at all, only Marc would know. Since conceivably he’s not jealous of himself (and apparently not jealous of anyone else), his insight into the artistic reasons for changes in his own work is the only insight that’s valid. What IS known is that from 1972 to 1977 there are apparently at least three different filed copyrighted versions of the song “Frosty the Dopeman”, some with changes to the melody and some with changes to the words:: “their mustard’s been some magic” instead of “there must’ve been some magic”; “Mexiso” instead of “Mehico”; “Wendy heard him holler stop” instead of “When he heard him holler stop”; “dense surround” instead of “dance around”. Like life forms fiddling with their own DNA to find the best combination in the evolutionary process, obviously there was a lot of tinkering as Marc’s song developed. Absolutely NONE of the copyrighted versions appear to use an expletive, although even that would be consistent with the song’s apparent genesis and purpose as a protest song, expressing outrage by ridiculing governmental wasteful spending. It is a citizen’s duty to expose wasteful or unjust government. The Anti-Apartheid movement developed in reaction to outrageous violations of human rights. Our movement’s success has been hard-fought and a very long road which stretches even into the present . Current organizations like The United Nations Human Rights Council and Amnesty International are actively making an important difference for the rights of our global village. Political change, like Art, isn’t easy.

    • FYI

      Saw your posting. Thought you’d be interested in this.

      Michelangelo Censored by the Vatican:

      Michelangelo’s fresco, the Last Judgment on the altar wall of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City took four years to complete. Executed from 1537 to 1541, three decades after finishing the Sistine ceiling, Michelangelo, now an old man, began working on the Last Judgment. The work is massive and spans the entire wall behind the altar of the Sistine Chapel and depicts the second coming of Jesus Christ and the apocalypse, The souls of humans rise and fall to their fates, as judged by Christ surrounded by his saints.

      The Last Judgment was an object of a heavy dispute between Cardinal Carafa and Michelangelo. The artist was accused of immorality and intolerable obscenity, having depicted naked figures inside Christianity’s most important church. A censorship campaign (known as the “Fig-Leaf Campaign”) was organized by Carafa and Monsignor Sernini to remove the frescoes. When the Pope’s own Master of Ceremonies, Biagio da Cesena, said “it was mostly disgraceful that in so sacred a place there should have been depicted all those nude figures, exposing themselves so shamefully,” and that it was no work for a papal chapel but rather “for the public baths and taverns,” Michelangelo worked Cesena’s face into the scene as Minos, judge of the underworld (far bottom-right corner of the painting) sporting donkey ears (i.e. foolishness) while his nudity is covered by a coiled snake. It is said that when Cesena complained to the Pope, the pontiff joked that his jurisdiction did not extend to hell, so the portrait would have to remain.

      The fresco’s nude figures were later covered by the artist Daniele da Volterra, whom history remembers by the derogatory nickname “Il Braghettone” (“the breeches-painter”). In the painting, Michelangelo does a self portrait depicting himself as Saint Bartholomew after he had been flayed (skinned alive). This is reflective of the feelings of contempt Michelangelo had for being commissioned to paint “The Last Judgement”. The figure of St. Bartholomew depicts the satirist and erotic writer Pietro Aretino who had tried to extort a valuable drawing from Michelangelo. He holds the painter’s flayed skin as a symbol of attempted victimization.

      • Comparing the “profanity” of the Sistine Chapel to Frosty The Dopeman is like apples and oranges. Frosty is as close to plagiarism as you can get with the popular Christmas song, Frosty The Snowman. Marc changed the melody just enough to avoid being sued but kept the essence of the original song and associating it with a drug dealing snowman. It was NO exercise in creativity. Crafty? Yes. Clever? Yes. Creative? BZZZTT! Let’s try to differentiate between the “Masters of Art” and the “Master Of Deception”. Wasn’t Mozart writing at the age of 12? Marc wrote this song when he ws in his early 20’s. Not even close!

  41. Botticelli to Bach to Beethoven to the Beatles to Barnett to Brautigan…..all genius. Let’s try to keep Marc out of the equation. THe facts are:
    1. Marc checked with the owner of the song “Frosty The Snowman” to get permission for the parody. The person outright refused and in the words of MZ himself” the guy said “I will sue you for everything you got!” Marc changed the melody a bit to avoid plagiarism.
    2. In the matter of “bugger” of “f**cker”, Marc simply wanted airplay with “bugger” but made a last minute decision while performing it live to sing the other word.
    3. As far as censorship, you should be held responsible for what you say (sing) etc. Once Marc used that word, it was intrinsically a tasteless and bad choice. It has NOTHING to do with art or creativity. It was blatant arrogance on his part to be noticed as somewhat of a rebel. You and he obviously share the similar “liberal thought” except that unto itself is an oxymoron. A liberal can smell a $20 bill in your pocket from a mile away.

  42. Interesting perspective on Marc Zydiak’s apparent seeking permission to the “Frosty the Snowman” melody. He obviously respected the intellectual property rights of another. It wouldn’t be surprising, if, before he performed his most well-known song at a high school concert in the 1970s, that, considering the rights of others, he similarly asked permission before making his decision as to which version of the song to perform. Unquestionably the now-jealous critic, back then, pre-approved Marc Zydiak’s performance by hiring him in the first place. It is an act of desperation and completely disingenuous for the jealous critic who originally approved Marc’s performance to wait until now, more than 30 years later, to complain about a performance for which the jealous critic had given his own seal of approval, all indicative of the jealous critic’s obvious motive, his pitiful intent to disparage, and demonstrating a further eroding of the jealous critic’s credibility (as if that were possible).

    Any critic is hardly the authority on an artist’s creative process. That domain is exclusively the artist’s. A presumption to the contrary is only arrogance. Further, a JEALOUS critic’s words and motives are, by their innately-biased nature, tainted and automatically & forever-after dismissible, the product of envy and blind rage (eye mask blinders worn in the Art museum).

    Although I don’t subscribe to any particular ideology, being called “liberal” is not so bad. Being liberal opens and frees the mind, allowing all ideas to be afforded equal value, and providing each individual a wider menu of insights from which to select and incorporate into his/her ultimate life choices. (Like a diversified investment portfolio, a balanced diet is always best). Liberal thought is truly democratic, opening up the world to each of us. If anything, I identify with the American Patriot, Thomas Paine, whose World was his country and his religion was ‘to do good’. During his 1964 trial, Nelson Mandela stated, “During my lifetime I have dedicated myself to this struggle of the African people. I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.”

  43. You HAVE to be Marc. There is not one other person I know to be so long winded and detailed and SO clueless. NO, Marc was not pre-approved to curse onstage. ANY person with some modicum of decency would know not to use profanity in such a venue.
    I did not take 30 years to finally bring this up. Marc has been known for decades by many who know him as a strange bird and a whacky guy. That always seems to preclude any mention of him being an artist.

  44. Wrong again. Thee are millions of us who feel blessed and are passionate enough about causes – political, social, artistic and cultural to want to invest our energies, time and financial resources to make the world a better place for everyone. If interested in joining us, I would be happy to forward the names of some of the many organizations which are continuing to make a positive difference in our world every day. Even those in the highest income brackets such as Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffet, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, media mogul Ted Turner and filmmaker George Lucas were among 40 U.S. billionaires who, very recently, together pledged to give away half of their individual fortunes to charity.

    And thank goodness for strange birds and wacky guys (and gals), the artists who help us see in different ways, and, by their intuitiveness, bring us understanding and awareness which we would not otherwise have. Artists give us their insights freely and out of a sense of love, which we return many times over with our appreciation and recognition for their contributions. The artist crusader carries the torch of culture. The rest of us read by its light.

  45. Umm, wrong again? How so? Perhaps you aren’t Marc after all, but rather his girlfriend and so quick to dismiss me. Maybe you are the one who replaced Marc’s “Yoko Ono” – Mary Ellen. In any case, you are long-winded and off topic. You drop names which have nothing to do with this thread and you are fiercely protective of the “fragile” Mr. Zydiak. Let’s just put this all into perpective.
    Marc is just a guy from Manville who made his own album and got a little notoriety by Dr. Demento picking up his parody “Frosty The Dopeman”. That’s it in a nutshell. Nobody is rich, famous, enlightened, awestruck, jealous or proud. Marc never APPEARED on the Tonight Show and he is not a legend. End of story. Everyone lives happily ever after. Bada bing!

  46. Wrong yet-again. I am married to a wonderful man (see my 7/13/10 posting) whose career and my own have allowed us to live in 9 countries on 3 continents. The world experiences we have shared, interacting with many different people of many cultures, have enriched us and allowed us to grow as human beings. We receive by giving. In this materialistic, cynical world it may be hard for others to understand both passion and compassion which are driving forces and universal needs of all humans on this fragile planet. Our vehicle of choice for positive and progressive global change is through the social and political arena. Support and advancement of the arts is of immeasurable value toward that positive social change.

    The jealous critic’s familiarity with Marc is personal, limited to the early period when he apparently knew Marc before Marc was fully-formed as an artist and before his best work (“Things with Wings” which did not include the jealous critic as collaborator). The critic’s personal relationship with Marc turns out to be a liability, preventing the critic from understanding the art, and is ultimately-informed by jealousy, resentment and blind rage. We who do not know Marc are not constrained or bounded by personal familiarity or personality. We only have his music which we are protective of and rather like (and have a right to enjoy, undisturbed by unsolicited opinions, tainted by personal animosity),

    During the creative process, artists inhabit their own silence. When one listens with an open mind, one is privileged to visit the artist’s private space for a little while. In this way, one can truly identify with, appreciate and know art of all types, all ages, and all cultures. One can ask no more of any art.

  47. Poignant. I worked with Marc well after Things With Wings. I happen to like the album quite a bit. He was truly coming of age with it but there was nothing substantial after that. I know why but it is personal and out of respect for him, do not wish to reveal what I believe is the reason. All I can say is I wish him the best.

  48. You wrote:
    ” We only have his music which we are protective of and rather like (and have a right to enjoy, undisturbed by unsolicited opinions, tainted by personal animosity),”

    Then do what you say, not as you do. Opinions on these boards are allowed AND encouraged. You can become “undisturbed” by not reading and reacting to them. My personal “animosity”(your term) is actually first hand knowledge of knowing Marc all too well and understanding his motives.

    You wrote:
    The critic’s personal relationship with Marc turns out to be a liability, preventing the critic from understanding the art, and is ultimately-informed by jealousy, resentment and blind rage.

    Wrong. It is an asset. I had been in contact with Marc for several years. In 1996, Marc was having some personal difficulties and I was there for him as a friend and confidante. Thankfully, he regrouped and got on with his life. I have absolutely no resentment, jealousy or rage regarding Marc.
    You on the the other hand are a fanatical bag of wind!

  49. Your just-prior posting showed real sensitivity and your human side which I acknowledge, appreciate, and for which I thank you. The closing remarks of your most recent posting, however, were unnecessary and diminish your humanity. Since we don’t know each other, your characterization of me as “a fanatical bag of wind” does not bother me. And, much after many ancient cultures which named gods after it, today, Wind Power is being rediscovered as a viable and valuable alternative, renewable energy resource. So, with my environmentally-conscious “fanaticism”, I guess I’d take your insult as a left-handed compliment. But the real purpose of my posting here is to state, in the spirit of your just-prior posting (which would have been a better memory), that I echo your own sentiments for your former friend, and say I wish you too (F.R.) only the best.

  50. Well I hope your copy is in very good condition.
    I found this album on ebay selling for $3500.

    I am Edward Pampani, brother of Joe Pampani
    Both my brother and I are musicians, I am a drummer and computer music enthusiast.
    My brother is a guitarist and may know some of you.
    Rychie sang in Fireballet and he still writes and sings.
    The original version of that group was the fireball kids.

    I remember Marc , but I was kid and later bought a copy of the album.
    I am wondering what happened to Marc.
    I don’t know enough to challenge any of this discussion here , I am just curious if he still creates and performs.
    I saw some Halloween song attributed to him on youtube.

    • He currently is a chemistry teacher at the Atlantic county institute of technology in Mays landing NJ. He does not create and perform any more as far as im concerned but he does play some of his songs for us in his class every once in a while. I am a student in his class and i hope ive helped answer some of your questions.

  51. I am curious as to what happened to Marc.
    I have that album on my shelf, I don’t play it much because it is rare.
    I am also curious as to what happened to my previous post?
    I know i said nothing offensive, so i am taking the risk of posting again.
    As i had said in my previous post, i was very young and remember Marc , but i was too young to really know him .
    I have been curious for years as to what has ahappened to him and what he is doing.
    Does he still make create / perform music.
    I heard he was a professor .

    • hello edward,isn’t this too much.hope all is well with you and joe.Glad you’re still playing.I bang around a bit myself.Had to quit my old hobby though.Was getting too hard to hide the bodys.

    • Ed, Marc has been living and working in the Atlantic City area for several years now. Check this link:
      I do believe he is also involved in selling real estate.
      One of Marc’s favorite pasttimes is blurring his identity and living in self-made obscurity. His album has been on eBay for quite a while and the $3500 price tag is bloated and bogus. He was a professor at Caldwell College but left many years ago and headed for South Jersey.

    • Edward, I was looking at my Facebook account where they “suggest friends”. I see you are on the list because we have a common friend, Bill Martin. He is the drummer for Medeski, Martin and Wood and also his new band Wicked Knee. Bill Martin is my cousin.

  52. As a teacher I worked with Marc a little over 5 yrs ago when he was our building administrator. I enjoyed our chats about education and the arts, as well as his CD: Things with Wings where his song “Halloween” is the opening track.

  53. Both Marc and I graduated from Manville High in 1970. He was a very smart and creative person in high school. We were in the high school band together. He played drums, I played saxophone. Muscians listed on the back of the album included Alfie Grillo who played drums in the band, Don Smith and Tom Cirigliano both of whom played trumpet in the band, and Frank Iglewski who played clarinet (I think) in the band (at least for awhile). I moved away from Manville in the fall of 1970 to go to college and never permanently returned to NJ. I lost touch with Marc after graduation.

  54. Mark Zydiak was also my 9th grade Science Teacher. Not sure who the originator of this post is but I have about 100 albums that I’m looking to sell. Was going to take them out to the Flea. A little of everything Rock, Jazz, Motown and more.

  55. I never met Marc, but his wife was my oboe and bassoon teacher. She was sweet and even gave me a copy of his record! In a bizarre twist, I later found out that a house I had rented for years was previously owned by them. I like the record a lot and I hope the two of them are well and happy!

  56. OMG! He is my current Chemistry teacher! he teaches at the atlantic county institute of technology in mayslanding now. Im so shocked to find out this is him and i asked him about it today and he confirmed it!

  57. What’s so shocking about it? Anyone can make an album. His album has been on on eBay for over a year now for $3500. Not one bid. It’s basically worthless outside of the fact that he may get a few bucks a year royalties from the ridiculous “Frosty The Dopeman”.

  58. What a fun website! While back home visiting this Thanksgiving weekend and flipping through our old photo albums, I ran across this photo of Mark, who was a drummer back then, and his combo playing at my 16th birthday party at the American Legion hall in Manville. This would have been 1968 when my sister had been friends with some of the members of the band. I remember them paying a lot of songs by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Cream, and, of course, my namesake song by Them. Lots of happy memories from a long time ago.


    P.S. I am not sure how to upload photos to this website so I am including the following link to it:

    • I don’t understand. How can the name of a high school rock & roll combo be plagiarism? It doesn’t sound possible.


    • Don’t underestimate yourself Tom. Attraction works better than promotion. I see you played with Mark Banovich. Did he ever learn how to play drums?

  59. A far cry from the $3500 price tag on eBay mentioned in an earlier post. I have my copy in storage somewhere. Maybe I’ll bring it to the skeet range and blow it full of buckshot. That would be worth $100 right there! Heck, I might even videotape it and put it up on You Tube!

  60. We can call it “Fred Breaks Marc’s Record”! What a concept! Maybe THEN America’s Funniest Home Video can air it and both Marc and I can claim we’ve been on a syndicated TV show and add it to our resume’ . Almost as good as being “FEATURED ON JAY LENO’S TONIGHT SHOW!” Bwahahahahaha!

      • Poor choice of words. How do you derive “violent” and “moron” from my posts? Just because I know Marc probably better than anyone on this board, I am more than qualified to render an accurate assessment about the guy. He has a formidable degree of talent and is very intelligent but his accomplishments do not exceed nor deserve any more mention than a blog from a local town such as Manville. He is an “also ran” in the big picture of things; local guy who plays guitar very well and has written perhaps a few interesting tunes but as mentioned much earlier in the thread, is a drop in the ocean. BTW, envious I am not. Marc would gladly trade his tortured life and musical endeavours with mine. We once had a mutual admiration until he started lying about his musical career.

  61. Marc’s claim to “fame” which is basically comprised of stealing almost note for note the words to “Frosty The Snowman” extends into his childhood with the band “International Silverstring Submarine Band”, the name of the Little Rascals’ band in one of their episodes. MZ seemed to believe he was a uniquely gifted songwriter but most of his material was mundane satire about drugs, nymphomaniacs and punk rock. He was more clever than creative although kind-hearted and overly sensitive.

    • It is doubtful Zydiak would want to trade places with a violent moron such as Rhesus Monkey who first threatens to shoot Marc’s LP “full of buckshot”, then arrogantly claims to be THE authority on the life choices and musical accomplishments of Marc Zydiak, the artist whose LP the moronic Rhesus Monkey enviously seeks to destroy.

    • Rhesus Monkey is wrong with his facts about the name of Mark Zydiak’s high school rock and roll combo. If in 1968, Mark Zydiak’s rock group’s use of the name “International Silverstring Submarine Band” (originally mentioned in the 1934 Our Gang short “Mike Fright”) is “plagiarism”, then so too was John Lennon’s “plagiarism” of the name of the motorcycle gang (“the Beetles”) in Marlon Brando’s 1953 film classic,”The Wild One” (see the film scene where Lee Marvin calls his gang “The Beetles” at the link (at 0:47 to 1:50)). According to what I found online, contrary to what Rhesus Monkey says in his postings, these examples of fair use are NOT plagiarism, since it is impossible to plagiarize names in the public domain. If in the public domain, names are able to used by anyone with impunity.


      • The “Beatles” as in Fab Four from Liverpool is not the same as “Beetles” from a Marlon Brando film. You are wrong about your definition of plagiarism. When Jim Morrison of the Doors broke up John Densmore (original drummer) owned the name “The Doors”. In the early 2000’s the remaining two “Doors” got a Jim Morrison look and soundalike singer and hit the road as the Doors but Densmore’s lawyers quickly put the kibosh on that. They ended up calling themselves Riders On The Storm or Crystal Ship but NOT the Doors. Mark had full knowledge of the Little Rascal’s ISSB and decided to call his own band by the same name. I’m sure nobody would really care or take him to task on it but it is just representative of his penchant for stealing intellectual property. The same kind of property he sued Caldwell College for stealing when they used his alleged drawing for a school pamphlet.

      • American rock band, The Doors, formed in 1965 in Los Angeles, California took its name from Aldous Huxley’s 1954 book “The Doors of Perception”. And Huxley’s book itself takes its title from the William Blake’s poem “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell” which states “If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite.”

        Even The Rolling Stones heavily borrowed from their heroes, taking their group name from the title of the Muddy Waters’ song “Rollin’ Stone” and the lyrics to his “Mannish Boy” (…”I’m a natural born lovers man, I’m a man… child, I’m a rollin’ stone… I’m a man … child… I’m a hoochie coochie man”). And the title of their quintessential hit “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” comes from the Muddy Waters song “I Can’t Be Satisfied”. Also, in writing the riff to “Satisfaction” in his sleep, Keith Richards later became concerned that it sounded too much like the horn riff from Martha and the Vandellas’ “Nowhere To Run”. Mick Jagger has also pointed out that the title lyrics closely resemble a line from Chuck Berry’s “30 Days”. (Berry’s lyric is “If I don’t get no satisfaction”.)

        Co-opting part of the lyric to another Chuck Berry song, “You Can’t Catch Me” (“Here come a flat-top, he was movin’ up with me”), John Lennon was sued for plagiarism for “Come Together” and settled out of court in return for promise to record songs by the original songs’ publisher, Morris Levy, resulting in Lennon’s 1975 album Rock ‘n’ Roll.

        And with “My Sweet Lord”, George Harrison was found to have subconsciously plagiarized the verse melody line from The Chiffons 1963 hit “He’s So Fine”. Harrison stated in his autobiography that he was not consciously aware of the similarity when he wrote the song and was inspired to write “My Sweet Lord” by the Edwin Hawkins Singers’ version of “Oh Happy Day”. In a 1980 interview with Playboy magazine, John Lennon expressed his doubt of the notion of “subconscious” plagiarism: “He must have known, you know. He’s smarter than that. It’s irrelevant, actually—only on a monetary level does it matter. He could have changed a couple of bars in that song and nobody could ever have touched him, but he just let it go and paid the price. Maybe he thought God would just sort of let him off”.

        Even Paul McCartney’s “Golden Slumbers” is based on the poem “Cradle Song”, a lullaby by the dramatist Thomas Dekker. The poem appears in Dekker’s 1603 comedy Patient Grissel. (”Golden slumbers kiss your eyes,
        Smiles awake you when you rise ;
        Sleep, pretty wantons, do not cry,
        And I will sing a lullaby,
        Rock them, rock them, lullaby.
        Care is heavy, therefore sleep you,
        You are care, and care must keep you ;
        Sleep, pretty wantons, do not cry,
        And I will sing a lullaby,
        Rock them, rock them, lullaby.”).

        So, if you take the time to trace things back far enough, you’ll see from time-to-time every innovator may either subconsciously borrow from their predecessors, and/or consciously produce work as an homage to their heroes.

      • Dear Michelle: Thank you for your acknowledgment and compliment. As they used to say on the X-Files: “The Truth is Out There” (if you dig deep enough).

        Keith L

    • @Keith Lopez: Very interesting reply on “plagiarism”. Very few artists in the industry come up with truly original songs and ideas. Paul Simon lifted A few of his melodies from early works e.g. “El Condor Pasa” and “American Tune”. Someone recently told me that the chords to “Yesterday” are almost exactly the same as “Georgia (On My Mind)” played in fifferent measure and tempo. You could literally overlay them and sing both melodies. Three chord progressions are rampant in the music industry. Wild Thing, Little Bit O’ Soul, Twist And Shout, and several hundred others all contain just three of the same chords (in different keys).

  62. For anyone who is interested, Mark Zydiak is posting here ans Lil’ and Final Vinyl. He cannot take criticism lightly because of his immense ego and overblown self-importance. Shooting Marc’s album with buckshot is by no means a “threat”. It is a statement to Marc himself that he needs to own up to the fact that this album is a piece of crap. It doesn’t even deserve a place in the discount bin at Walmart. Marc was once a nice chap with dreams of being famous many years ago but he has been a very bitter man since nothing ever came of it.

  63. Informational note to Final Vinyl: Based upon his December 6, 2011 posting where he threatens to shoot Marc Zydiak’s LP record and “We can call it ‘Fred Breaks Marc’s Record’ ” and the vitriolic tenor of his many previous postings (almost all negative), the blogger Rhesus Monkey whom you are sparing with here is almost certainly Fred Radzik, the “jealous critic” whom I stood up to over a year ago in this blog. You should know, Radzik/Rhesus Monkey will immediately attack any new blogger who enters this site complimenting Marc Zydiak’s music. Praise and recognition of Marc Zydiak’s music is something that the jealous critic Radzik cannot bear. Radzik’s jealousy is pathological, possibly the result of Marc’s rejection of his apparent former musical sometime-collaborator. Another thing you might notice is that anyone in this blog who actually challenges the opinionated Fred Radzik is accused of actually BEING Marc, defending his own work (which doesn’t need defending as its accomplishments are fairly well known throughout the web as you probably already know). And from all accounts from those who have contacted me, Marc’s modest amount of fame is apparently not important to him which, although it translates into an unfortunate limited musical output for us his fans, should also be respected, since it is a sign of an individual secure in himself and content with his own accomplishments. I guess we should all hope to be that happy.


  64. Can’t we all just get along?..
    Mark B. Is a very good drummer and he’s entertaining. You should check him out yourself. He’s always gigging with Tweed Schade and the Sugardaddies.

  65. Yes, I like Tweed Schade. Mark is a very talented drummer and tattoo artist also. BTW, it is Marc Zydiak himself who is posting on this board as Lil and most likely Final Vinyl. This is a horrible album. No matter what anyone says, I know most of the musicians who worked on this and it is almost unanimous that MZ was at best, a decent guitarist but a little nutty. That’s all. His songs just plain suck.

  66. Thanks for your posting. I see what you mean, Lil. Like John Lennon’s song “Jealous Guy”, this Fred Radzik, also known in this blog as “Rhesus Monkey” is the obvious Jealous Guy when it comes to Marc Zydiak’s musical accomplishments, the analogy extending even further when one considers Radzik’s jealous rants and recent violent threat to shoot Zydiak’s LP “full of buckshot” (see his December 6th posting above). Fred Radzik is Mark David Chapman to Marc Zydiak’s John Lennon.

    • Hey Final, you call me Mark David Chapman? DO you suffer from OCD like Marc? Are you Marc? Are you the same guy who came to my house and washed his hands about 50 times while he was there. Are you the same guy who inspected all the silverware before sitting down to eat dinner ay my home one night. The night everyone looked at you and made circles around their ears with their index finger. Now Marc, shall I go into detail about all the phone calls I had to endure when you and Mary Ellen were having problems or are you just going to back off and behave yourself like the mama’s boy you are? BTW, this goes for Lil too.

  67. OK, so maybe I’ll just depart on the high road here. I don’t really believe Mark is deserving of most of my commentary here. After all is said and done and after some reflection I must admit that it was quite a fun time working with him on this album and actually playing live with him at Rutgers. It was indeed a memorable time of my life. Marc is sensitive, yes, but he is not a bad fellow after all. I failed to remember some of the accolades and support he gave me during our stint together and I can only apologize if I hurt his feelings. Marc actually wrote one of the most beautiful songs I’d ever heard that possible ranks up there with “Yesterday” by the Beatles. I forgot the name of it but it was stellar! I shall now slip away. good luck to you all, and especially to Marc.

  68. Holy crow, is all of this mudslinging really necessary? Mary Ellen was my oboe and bassoon teacher many years ago and she was a genuine sweetheart. It’s distressing to me to see that she’s gotten dragged into what appears to be a personal vendetta against her husband. In the name of human decency, please stop.

    • Mary Ellen IS a genuine sweetheart and a very bright and articulate woman! She supported all of Marc’s creative endeavors during their marriage. Unfortunately, the last I heard, they have been divorced for quite some time now. Marc’s “new” woman is also very cool . He is in the Atlantic City area now helping young children develop their own artistic endeavors. I do believe this is one of their recent videos on the environment:

  69. I don’t know and have never met Rhesus Monkey/Fred Radzik, but I hope he is sincere in what he says in his last posting. My only purpose for entering this website in the first place was to seek a potential source for a VG+ or better condition copy of a first pressing of Marc Zydiak’s 1977 LP which I’m still interested in acquiring if anyone out there has one at a reasonable price.

    Final Vinyl

    • Tell you what, Vinyl, you can HAVE my copy for nothing! It is in storage right now but I have to go out there in a few weeks to get some things. When I get it, I’ll leave you a message here and we can arrange to get it to you. I live in Hillsborough.
      I’m not sure what shape it’s in, but heck, it’s a good price. I would like to have a digital version of it before I part with it so I have to find someone who can transfer it to mp3 format.
      I’m sincere about my post. Marc really is a good guy but sometimes I’m a WISEGUY!! Peace!

  70. i saw marc play in the basement of a church on main street in somerville maybe around 1973….i was interested in the music of john fahey and leo kottke and mr. zydiak had a nice touch on the guitar. late i got this lp which i still have. i still love it. amazing banter in these cyber exchanges. the music speaks for itself. you either like paprika or you don’t . om shanti manville and merci for the music, mz, wherever you may be. message in a bottle received.

  71. Pingback: marc cassidy

  72. Mark, It’s Jim Smith, we jammed together with the girls, Bernice and others. You put your elbow thru your beautiful Martin. I played James Taylor. Thanks for showing me Old Man/Neil Young. Graduated from Hillsboro High ’73. Love to hear from you! jim

  73. Mark was my chemistry teacher at Morris Hills High 1979. I regret not buying his album. Wish I new then how much fun he was. He was only there for one year. Too bad.

    • “Hey, are you following me? Well cut it out or i’ll have you arrested” and many more memorys of mr z. That crazy hair.

  74. A Tom Cirigliano is listed as one of the musicians. Is this the same guy that came in once a week back around ’67 – ’68 to teach music at Roosevelt School?

  75. i just heard the track ‘death’ coming at me as first time listener in the UK from fave radio show ‘shrunken planet’ out of WFMU. Very impressive song with cool, lazy sounds like J.Fahey, is this the very same Marc? I would love to find a copy of this track

    • Yes, that’s Marc on the guitar instrumental “Death”. I just came upon a duplicate copy of his LP. If you’re interested in it post your email address and I’ll get in touch.


  76. Yes, that’s Marc on the guitar instrumental “Death”. I just came upon a duplicate copy of his LP. If you’re interested in it post your email address and I’ll get in touch.


  77. To go back a bit. My name is Harry (Stout).. I lived in Somerville and I did in fact play with Ryche Chlanda, Mark Zydiak, and Jim (Perry I believe) in what was at the time called “Amber”.. They had decided to change the name from “Black Amber” to Amber after I had joined.. We had a great time… and for a while actually were practicing in my basement.. I met those guys at a band battle at Immaculata High school.. They had a keyboard player named “Bob” or something who I eventually replaced as a guitar player.. I remember we all had these strange amplifiers (Oliver ) where the motorized heads came up from the top of the speaker by flipping a switch… we thought that was kind of cool…lol

    Anyway, I always thought Ryche was a little ahead of us other guys.. I believe his Mom used to be on the radio.. He had a great voice and was a good musician… more importantly he had a vision.. one which he followed with success.. I did play with Frank Leotti in another band with Al Peck and Dave Fedorcyk from Manville for a while before I left New Jersey to move to Florida.. I picked up on the Country thing down south and spent many years touring as a side man with country acts from Florida and Nashville.. After finishing a few shows at the Surf Ballroom in Iowa.. My wife (who is from MN.) and I decided to stay in Minnesota… I have retired from the main stream stuff now and like Ryche perform as a solo acoustic.. I have some stuff on you tube also if you just plug in my name.. 🙂 Doubt if anyone should even read this but I did enjoy reading all of the earlier posts.. Nice trip back in time… Take care 🙂

    Harry Stout

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