Manville News December 26, 1941

header-1226As promised here is the first digitized issue of The Manville News. I’d like to do these in order, but I do not want to handle these any more than I have to given the state they are in. When I come up with a better way to share and archive these I can hopefully get them in proper order. For right now I have a multiple page PDF that’s uploaded to third party hosting site. If you click the link you will be able to download a high resolution version that will be yours to keep forever. I believe that the Manville News from the 1940s was different company than the current one. It was a weekly publication that published every Friday. It’s unclear so far if there is a complete run here, but the issues range from 1941 to 1944. Im hoping to knock a few of these out a week and I’m not sure how long the hosting links last so get these while you can. I have master copies saved of each PDF so if you miss out on one or a link doesn’t work just contact me and we will figure it out. Im going to make a special category for these called “NEWSPAPER ARCHIVE” so if you miss out on one they will all be in there. So that’s basically how this is going to work until I can find proper hosting for these issues. Once I get them all done, I’ll be donating digital copies of the issues to the library so we will finally have reference material for this era. Once again though I can’t thank Richard Onderko, Kevin Shutack, and the Shutack family enough for these. This stuff is a priceless resource.

The first issue I archived was from December 26, 1941, which includes the Lost Valley freight train derailment. I’ve been wondering about this event for years, and I know someone else on this blog was asking about it. Here’s a link MANVILLE NEWS 12/26/1941


8 thoughts on “Manville News December 26, 1941

  1. I’m not eevn done downloading yet, but wanted to say THANK YOU!. Very cool!

    One suggestion – name the files with the year first, then the month and day – like this “19411226.pdf” remember 2 digit days and months. This way, they will all be in order when you save them.

    • Very nice find – very interesting reading – brings lots of information of the town history – including the advertising for business in town that are long gone – but still in our memories – the train wreck was not the Lost Valley wreck – Railroad Ave is now Kennedy Blvd – so this one was in Weston, something I never knew.

  2. There had to be another train wreck later in the 50’s. I can remember it, but I was very young. I was born in 1953 so it had to be around 1957 – 1960.

    • Yeah the one I was told about was rumored to have happened in the 50’s sometime right in front of my old house on Angle Ave in Lost Valley… Unfortunately I can not find any evidence of it.

  3. Yes, I belive it was near the Mason Supply. My family used to have some photos but I doubt they still exist. If I can find any I will send them.

  4. The train wreck was by the mason supply in 1959. A coal train derailed and twisted hopper cars and spilt coal was everywere. The one from 1941 is more of a mystery. My aunt says it happened on the same line (Reading) closer to the old station. I saw some pictures. It was a passenger train. Close examination of them shows a 4-6-2 Pacific steam loco and coaches every which way. I could only make out one word on one of the cars. Ohio as in Baltimore and Ohio? The B&O did not run on Reading tracks, but it is possible the cars did. Old train videos show an occasional car from other lines in service. Also wartime shortages would justify this.

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