Roosevelt Avenue

where's our house


At this point the Manville History Blog could not exist without the great contributions I’ve been getting. Town participation has been incredible. Here are a few great pics that were contributed by Tim K. during the building of his families house in the 50’s right next to Royce Brook on Roosevelt Ave. The photos predate Weston School and the Weston Bridge on 13th Ave. As can be seen in the following photo. That row of trees would be the location of the brook.

where's weston school haha


And then a more ground level shot (note the cement street marker)


And finally the completion of Tim’s families home in 1959… these are such great photos.

new house


77 thoughts on “Roosevelt Avenue

  1. That’s my Uncle Charlie Bradley’s 1961 chev,and the Hamernik’s 60 or 61 white Plymouth wagon.The Hamernik’s were cousins of ours,they lived on Colorado across from Memorial Park.The 55 dodge or wahtever it is back there was ours.
    I remember the old concrete street markers.
    I remember catching lots of toads on those piles of dirt.There was also a lot of crabgrass.Very red shale dirt.

  2. The 61 chev was red with a white top…so cool.I think our old dodge was a two tone blue.
    They don’t build station wagons like that anymore.

      • I had a 61 like that. It was black with a red interior. Mine was an original Super Sport. Alas, the 409 and 4 speed were gone by the time I got it, but the replacement 348 3 speed setup ran pretty good. I put tri-power on it , so that was pretty cool!
        This was in 1966.

  3. Ah,the 348 “stonecrusher” early bigblock power.
    Haha,look at Pop and the guys probably drinking Horlacher beer,the white can with the penguin on it and you needed a can opener to get at it.

  4. It is great seeing all the old pictures of Manville,Tommy’s house looks like it was built in the wilderness ! Rough country that was,back then in ’64 when kids from Little Weston walked more than a mile to MHS this way and down
    13th.Froze your ass off or got totally soaked and then sat in COLD MHS the whole day.God forbid you also fell in the brook or lost your books.

    Those were the good old days? Yeah,if your parents could afford Onka’s bus
    to school,catch it (sometimes) on the Main as they drove here from Millstone.

    There is an excellent WMV of Main Street Manville showing J-M building the Administration Building at the beginning of Brooks, and Gamby’s Diner..

    When I find where I stashed it I’ll post a link to it at,the free file sharing site.It would be a good idea for anybody with relevant Manville history to post their pictures,stories-

    and thanks to the Brainstorm of getting Manville on the web.

  5. I never took the bus and walking from Claremont to Main St., Weston and to Manville High School but I remember the saying take a trip on Onka’s ride a mile push the rest. A nd Tommy I graduated in 1972 with a very nice gal named Lorretta Kopsco is she any kin of yours?

    • Hey Curtis, how are you? I live in Claremont now, in the Coopers old house. Where are you now? I do our class reunions, but I have no addree for you.

      • Hi Donna,
        Do you have a maiden name I don’t remermber the name Snyder, I’ve been in Colorado since 1976. Ive ran into Diane and Stanley R several times in the years out here. Hey Kopsco fellas do you remember renting a row boat in either Point Pleasant or Seaside on a hot day in the summer of the 70’s and going crabbing?

    • Happy New Year Curtis. I was Donna Zambo. The funny thing is that I was friends with Lori Kopsco in high school and was also married to Tom for a few years. Small world! Where in Colorado do you live? Ruth Kerico is also out there near Denver.

  6. Are the Kopscos related to the Bradleys in Whitehouse Station?off Kosciusko

    I know a Charles Bradley (Jr) also has a house on Main St Whitehouse St

  7. Charles (sr) was my cousin. So all the kids are my 2nd cousins I guess. It’s been a long time since I saw any of them.The last time was at Charlie(sr)’s funeral. We used to go to their house in Whitehouse to swim as kids.

  8. I knew Charlie JR from the many years he worked at the Parts Dept at
    MarkhamMotors Mercedes and then the new Millennium dump.A great guy to everyone.A well liked person.

    I guess parts are in the blood like Al at NorthBranchGMC

    Al would be one year younger than me I think DOB 02/17/51

    How many kids are there?

    Al,Jerry, Tom, Loretta any more?

    • Donna,I wonder if you and Lisa are the blonde and brunette I knew from downtown (the old mall days) You guys were probably 15-16 then.

      Zambo does sound familiar !

      • I am amazed !….

        I bumped into Lisa one day in July over at the DunkinDonuts…she remembered me – but if not that she looked the same , I woulda been stumped.A cat got my tongue, I wanted to ask her about you- we’re all in hurry.

        Donna you have won the free donut too.Let’s get a coffee one day and get a laff.Now that I’m rich,successful and have a brand new car

        Oops got a bit bold there.None of it is true.Can still afford at least a donut and a coffee…..Honest

        This proves it’s a small world ! I’ve been living here in Somerville for 28 years but I’m in Manville every day.Like the old days.

        We’re really just Small Town after all ,like John Mellencamp said.


  9. Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…Otto Lillo .. remember we used to climb out his window and read hot rod cartoon magazines? hahaa what an ass that guy was. I hated his guts. I think my average for the year was a 5 because I spelled my name correct 5 times… Holy crap! We really have to get together one of these days.

  10. He must have liked you,I got a flat ZEERO for the year.Thanks SO MUCH Mr.Lillo for your teaching skills-I found them so useful in my day-to-day life.Another fine man was Stanley Kucharski,evicted me many times from History as the scapegoat in classroom antics.Got a 40 there…

    Where did Manville Board of Ed FIND teachers like these,and Rufus,and Sugarman,and other great examples of a penny pinching school system.

    There was never enough complete textbooks to go around so we had to share-most of the books were from the early 50’s,what a joke.Like they got them at a garage sale.In the winter we had to keep our coats on in the classroom.

    I was told by Posner to take a General Business Course,forget college because I’d probably be drafted for VietNam.Turns out he was right-but
    the good teachers were teaching the elite of Manville students and us regular kids were getting the trainees,elderly and feeble and the drunks and insane.

    I hope we were the last to have to deal with the incompetence.I shoulda been a criminal,would have got a better education.Sad.Sad Sad

    Tom is that you playing a bass? I got a barn studio if you wanna drive over one day.All equipment already set up.

    • This is really too funny, an old friend of mine talking to my ex-husband. Didn’t know you guys even went to school together! It is a small world, or small town. Larry, did you grow up on King Street?
      As far as the math teachers gop, I always got straight A’s, so I’m not sure if it was the teachers, or you guys! LOL. I especially like Mr. Wilburn for Algebra. Rufus and Kotler were definitely out there! But there were some pretty good teachers there. The school system now is even worse from what I hear.

      • At this time in life most women have an ex-husband or two.That also means most men have an ex-wife or two,or three.In a small town where everybody knows everybody-

        sooner or later,whether on the street or on the web,we meet again.That’s a good thing,I always tried to make friends not enemies.

        I was an ‘A’ student from Bridgewater schools,kept ‘A’ & ‘B’ average in MHS because it was SO EASY.I already knew what was not being taught by some of the miscreants called ‘Teachers’ of MHS.Senior class was a repeat of my Seventh grade at Bridgewater.Go figure.

        Yeah ! King Street. 4 houses on it.Actually one shack and 3 houses.

  11. It’s a shame the High School doesn’t offer better classes. That’s why my daughter moved to Hillsborough when it was time for her oldest son to start school. It’s too bad, because Manville is really a very nice town to live in!

  12. A side note on the Royce Brook.. As a kid I practically lived along the banks of the “Brook” or in it. Back then the were many different types of wildlife down there. Then I believe it was the Army Corp of Engineers came in and changed that twisty turning little brook into a straight line low water drainage ditch for flood control. They also killed off all the soft shell and spotted turtles that inhabited the brook. They took out all the trees. It was a truly terrible thing they did there. I think till this day the damage they did has not been able to repair itself. Such a shame…..

  13. i remember when they did that.the trees are back but the fish never quite made it.once in a great while you’ll see a couple little sunnys,but that’s rare.

  14. ok,man.i sent you 3 more cool pics.2 are from the giant manville parades down main st.the other one is the old bridge that used to cross the royce brook.i think it’s those damn kopsco kids on the bridge.hahahaaa

    • yo tim… these are awesome… they are also really tiny. I will def still post these but you have bigger vesions? I’ve been looking for a photo of the building where the CVS is now and its in one of these. If i blow these up they look real pixelated though.

      • mike,i have alot of manville news newspapers but they are all from the 70’s and in pretty bad shape.

  15. That big building was The Elmcrest.I believe they had like a hotel set up,and a bar scene.Of course us kids were never allowed in there so I never got inside.They owned the property from Roosevelt to Blumbergs.It was not taken care of and turned into a hazard-probably at one time a very cool place.

    Just another piece of Manville history long forgotten by most.

  16. AL,Tim

    Whose cool rides were they parked by your NEW HOUSE?

    1950 Ford Mainliner Ragtop
    1949 Dodge Club Sedan
    1951 Buick Super 8

    Farrr out.Well maybe not the Dodge with the forklift/PT boat motor.And the Slush-O-Matic trans.YAWN. Zero to 60 in 1/4 mile.Downhill,no passengers.

    Guaranteed that BUICK hauled some ass! And what a babe magnet a Convertible Ford.

    Oh,Maybelline ! Why cain’t cha be true?

  17. The 50 Ford belonged to my uncle, Henry Marshall. I think the 49 Dodge was my uncle Ben Marshall’s car. I have no idea who owned the Buick. Although the Hughes family that later moved in next door had one of those..A side note: Fred Hughes(one of the boys next door) STILL OWNS! his dad’s old Buick. He lives in NC.

  18. Yes, He graduated a year ahead of me but he graduated with my cousin Jerry Wyzinski and I went to your house over in Weston a couple times. I lived across the brook from you. The second house west of the bridge on Roosevelt.
    I graduated in 70. I haven’t seen him since high school, I doubt he’d even remember me.

  19. the whelan st. bridge (the bridge from south 13th ave to weston) wasn’t built until 1980-81,i used to sit in the field with my nephew when he was a very little was cool.

  20. Question: The Kopsko house has the dormer in the back, and a door on the side, right? The house under construction in the first pic (taken from a rooftop across Roosevelt), has a dormer in the front and no side-door — isn’t that the house next door, where the Buckowski family lived?

  21. that’s exactly right,i remember the buckowskis.we sold them the land so they could put up a were the only one to catch that besides us.the buckowskis were good folks,haven’t seen them since we were kids.

      • One and the same — my folks still live there, so I get back to town on a regular basis.

        (BTW – never really went by “Tommy,” just Tom is fine)

      • ok,got ya,been a long time.your brother (i don’t remember his name)went to SHS with my brother charlie.some of us never left manville….tim kopsco

  22. Man

    How did all you Kopsco brothers FIT in that little CAPE COD?

    I remember Jerry’s Chevy van,blue (?) because Jimmy Baldanza (Kennedy Blvd) had a 65 with a V8 ,I thought that was Badass.I built a Dodge D100 with a hot 318/Torqueflite,headers-but it never hit the road.Gas went to $1.00 a gallon and that was that.Sold my ’64 chevelle with the 283/250hp also,bought a freaking VW (1974)

    Yeah,$1.00 a gallon caused a PANIC.Them A-rabs were just startin’ to mess with us.Or it coulda been a scam. Been driving economy cars ever since.Damn.No cool exhaust notes,just sewing machine rice burner noises.

    Oh well.

  23. You’re both (TZ and Tim)right about the cape with the front dormer. And Larry, Jerry eventually stuffed a V8 into his blue van.

    • Two things bugged me about the Dodge D100/200 the Chevy Van,and the totally crappy Econoline van with the anemic Falcon motor.Whether driving or co-piloting,the lack of a nose meant your were face first into whatever you hit.

      And in the winter you were warm, and in the summer you were sweltering.God forbid you had an exhaust leak or a bad radiator or a burnt up valve cover gasket.Pure torture.For you and everybody else inside.

      That was the thrill of it,no?

      • man,i remember riding in my brother’s black ’65 chevy van,always bundled up like a tick about to pop.

  24. The picture on top is “my Manville”! What I would call my old stomping grounds. I grew up on South 16th – in the upper left of that photo. Also spent a lot of time at the Memorial Park pools, baseball field and Royce Brook (lower left).
    The train horns today are unbearable! When will they ever come up with a quieter way to let these trains pass over 13th?
    In the upper center/right is the field on 13th prior to the fire house. I remember as a kid there used to be good sledding there. Today, there IS no hill. Did that field get filled in, or do I just remember things being bigger when I was smaller?
    Also at the bottom of 13th is the pre-bridge field.

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