Manville News February 7, 1941


Ok, another digital issue in the bag. February 7th 1941… including the war on gambling. Im currently working to find ways to improve these digital copies including ways to get them into more reasonable file sizes so they dont take so long to download. I’m also working on a way to get the text recognition working on them so they can be searchable… I’m almost there. Meanwhile here is another issue… hot off the scanner. Manville News 2-7-1941 OCR


One thought on “Manville News February 7, 1941

  1. In regard to your search and loading time issues (although I didn’t experience a load delay).. You can always pre-load the images with javascript, and make to them searchable – just change the alt tag you are using for the image, instead of “header-271941”. You can make the alt tag anything, and as long as you want. To make them with text recognition – not an easy task. I’m sure you know this though =]

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