The Manville Library Archive

The first place to check when dialing up a towns history is at the library right? Of course, I’ll never forget the bewilderment I felt on my first attempt when the person opposite the phone told me “Oh, we don’t really have anything here” In all fairness that was a few years ago now and perhaps they were just not aware. Today though, I had the great pleasure of meeting the Library’s Director Edward Smith. Not only was Ed very willing to help, but he was knowledgable as well, and quick to humor my shameless enthusiasm about town history. He explained to me how years back the Library had tried to lobby for a historical wing that never materialized, leaving Manville’s entire catalogued and photographed history to the care of some cardboard boxes, manilla folders, a few filing cabinets, and one good gentlemen named Ed Smith. Fortunately, the archive is locked up, well cared for, and thorough. Finally I have new fields to mine for information… and photos! So a huge thanks to the The Manville Public Library for putting up with me for many hours this evenning… and many more to come.


5 thoughts on “The Manville Library Archive

  1. That’s very interesting. I have to check it out one day. I remember reading in the Manville News that a book was supposed to be coming out about Manville, but then never heard anything after that. Does anyone know anything about the book?

      • hey mike,as you walk into walgreen’s on main st. in manville (obviously) on the rotating display they have a great book about manville (esspecially pictures)check it out.looks pretty cool…..timknj.

  2. The book was a disgrace, the number of misspelled words and improper grammer was embarrassing. And considering the library was involved? Has anyone heard of proofreading? Spellcheck? Manville has always been made fun of, people consider us stupid maybe their right. The only way I was able to read the book was to make it fun and use a highlighter to mark all the mistakes.

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