Manville News May 9th, 1941

Alright folks I’m trying to get back in the swing of things here and here is another digital issue of the “old” Manville News. This time from May 9th 1941… so basically we are missing all of April. If anyone has any of the missing issues laying around please contact me as I am going to present the final digital versions to the Manville Library for their archive when I am done scanning them, since they do not currently have any of these. Anyway… I’ll shut up and give you guys the link. Manville News 5-9-1941 OCR


One thought on “Manville News May 9th, 1941

  1. All you folks discussing the Elmcrest must be kids! I remember it as the Crystal Bar in the 50s. It was owned by someone named Esterhoy or Esterhouse. In the mid 60s when it was the Elmcrest, I patronised it because it was one of the first clubs that featured go-go girls! Later it was known as Wierzman’s Inn, a country joint. I believe it was a Victorian structure, so any early info would be interesting.

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