May Pole Festival


Ok. Here is another photo that, frankly, I could use some help understanding. The little photo caption says “May Pole Dance, May Festival” The back of the photo is dated May 5th, 1948. Anyone care to explain what exactly is going on in this photo? The one blow is called “Outdoor Program” these 2 look to me to be taken on the same day in the same place . Im sure somone on this blog was around for these… If anyone has any info on these please share and I will update the post. THANKS!

UPDATE: Acording to Joe Zarnowski “Both of these photos were taken behind Main Street school. The May pole was for the celebration of May Day.” THANKS JOE!


3 thoughts on “May Pole Festival

  1. The wall to the right of the maypole was the handball court. Anyone remember it , or the game?? They had one at the Camplain Road school, too.

  2. My father Art Carmon went to Main St school in the early ’40s. He has mentioned those May Pole events before. He would have been 12 at the time of this picture, so I’m not sure if he was still there. I don’t know what the school grades were then.
    I think the only thing remaining of the school is that old handball wall – part of it anyway.
    I have a picture of the 1900 “original” Main St school at in the bottom “Other Pictures” folder – 3rd row, 4th picture.

    Hey Mike – I have other Manville photos there as well in that folder. Feel free to use anything you see there, or throughout my website, in your blogs. I’d be happy to spread them around.


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