The Elmcrest Inn

This photo was donated by Tim k., who has been crucial with the photo submitions… Ive been searching for some info on this building for some time now. you can see it way in the back there as the parade goes by. The Elmcrest Inn or as I remember it “Coconuts” and then later “The Red Zone” (The Manville hip-hop club) This gem of a building was on the corner of Main Street and Kyle Street at the current site of the CVS, right around the corner from where I grew up on Angle Ave. As a little kid I remember it seemed to be abandoned for a while before they finally reopened it as Coconuts. Some people recall it as a scarry looking building, but I disagree. It’s the type of building that you’d imagine huge crystal chandelier’s hanging in the main ballroom… and it actually reminds me a lot of the original chester house building before they put on the addition. I wonder if the same architect designed them both. The Kopsko guys have helped me out a lot with great photos for this blog, and even though this one is quite small… it’s the only existing photo that I’ve seen of the Elmcrest Inn. I’m sure there are more floating around… so if you have them, or any info get them to me… I want to discuss this place!


29 thoughts on “The Elmcrest Inn

  1. I’m not sure who you (talkingboutwillis) is, but I grew up on Gladys Avenue and now live in the Claremont section. I remember the building being the Elmcrest and Coconuts, went to both

  2. My name is Mike Polnasek. I grew up on Angle avenue. I don’t quite remember the Elmcrest being open so your probably a little older than me. But I was born in 1976. I miss that nieghborhood… and those freight trains always going by.

  3. My dad told me he heard the Elmcrest Inn was built by or for Captain Davey, a retired sea captain. He also seems to remember there was a look out tower on the top of the roof.

  4. When I lived in Manville I believe it was also called Wirzmans or some thing like that. There used to be banquets there. I think at one time this was or was where Liberty Hall was. Acording to my grandfather who was one of the first Manville cops, this was a hopping place with lots of stuff going on.

  5. Right before it became The Red Zone, it used to be called The Harmony Hill. I remember it having a nice banquet hall. My brother and I used to work there in the coat-room. That was sometime in 1991 and 1992.

    • sorry vic but the elmcrest never was called the red zone or harmony hill. it was weirzmans inn after elmcrest with a go go bar in the front part of it called the roosters coop.When the building went vacant it was renovated and became coconuts a nite club and comedy club after it went out of business and was sold the building was there for years till it was eventually knocked down

      • it was most definitely called the red zone for a short time. i went there when i was a kid, they had some pretty signifigant hip hop bands in the very early 90’s.

      • i kind of remember it being red zone at one point,but i don’t remember harmony hill.i definately remember the rooster coop.i drank there alot so things are a little fuzzy…..timk.

  6. Boy you guys are young. When I was a kid the Elmcrest made Pizza. Imagine that! Always was a scary building and very active.

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  8. I was raise up in manville from 1946- 1993 I can tell you alot about manville and the elmcrest a go-go- place they had at one time a 300lb. dancer, there was soo many bars in manville from one end till the other end Walts inn was a bar/bowling lanes ( 8 ) lanes , I was the first one to go to viet-nam 67-69 from manville I could go on , and by the way my dad was a cop in town,

    • Dale, I used to go to the Elmcrest in the mid -sixties to see the go-go girls.The 300 pounder had to be the same one that danced at Johnny’s on Main next to the Manville Diner. It’s a chinese restaurant now

      • I never saw the 300 lb.girl. We were all encouraged by our agent to stay at fighting weight! lol See below for my story, Mike.

  9. Manville was known as a bar town in the past years but slowly but surely they were closed down or went out of business.Manville bars at on point made the guiness book of records with the most bars per square mile. does anyon remember the good old Polish Home with Fat Frank? lol get your hands out of your pockets hahaha!

  10. I still think that is so crazy that you have to smoke outside a bar! whats wrong with this generation! you sit at the bar grab a cold one and light up! that was the good old days. they even had those cigarette machines inside the bar! I believe at that time they were $1.75 a pack and we thought that was a lot of money go figure…….

  11. In order to get through college, I was a dancer (only 120 lbs. lol) and worked a circuit of the Elmcrest Inn, The Polish Home and another place attached to a bowling alley called The Mondrian Lounge which I think was Somerville. The agents would bus girls in from NYC and we would stay for a week or more at each club. We used to sleep upstairs in the Elmcrest Inn. As shady as it sounds, nobody ever bothered us. Free room and board, good money and the guys would just fawn all over us. It was all pretty tame by today’s standards – innocent fun. Spme Manville guys would regularly take the girls to diners or out during their off hours and lots of funny fights among the girls ensued when they thought a guy was their exclusive BF when really he was seeing whomever might have been booked that week. I got older, wiser and did graduate from college going on to be a professional. Eventually I married and had a family, but look back on those times fondly with a smile. Manville people were so nice! Once I caught a bad flu like cold and a family put me up for four or five days in their spare bedroom . My favorite place was The Elmcrest Inn because it was old and charming. Slept half the day and worked into the wee hours. We used to dance to “Winter-world of Love ” by Englebert, some RB and pop rock all with a juke box. Twenty minutes on twenty off sets. Fun times, fun people.

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