Woah, We Made It To Post 50!

“The picture of the baseball team is back in the sixties the coaches are Frank Janoski and Larry Petrone”

Thanks to Joe Polak for the update!

Wow, so this is officially my 50th post. Its been such a crazy ride so far… I mean this blog is really only 9 moths old and already it has gotten 34,253 web hits, 362 comments, and 32 subscribers. We’re getting almost 300 hits a day now. There are people reconnecting on here that haven’t heard from each other in decades. We are linked up to other great blogs, photo sites, sites about old movie theaters, Wikipedia, My Manville, NJ.com. We’ve had writes ups by newsapers. There are actually people walking around town sharing printouts of the pages. How do I express my graditude for this? You all helped it become so successful by just taking an active interest and now that a resource like this exists future Manville townfolk will have a place to see how their parents and grandparents done before them. It’s all pretty incredible. Despite the fact that I had to vanish for a little bit to take care of some things I am committed to keep this thing rolling.. I feel like we have barely tapped into the available resources. Keep those photos rolling in! and THANKS!


13 thoughts on “Woah, We Made It To Post 50!

  1. I’d like to thank you for getting this thing together. I’m sure you’ve noticed the message board is quiet. I dunno just a suggestion..put a banner up on here in an obvious spot telling people about the message board. We need more posters on the forums.
    Thanks, Tom

    • keep up the good work,mike.this site is starting to snowball.i have sent you pics that you didn’t post ,but i guess you gotta draw the line somewhere.timknj

  2. Baseball team picture is about 1964-65

    PF KEDs “flyers” sneakers and Vee-neck tee-shirts give it away.I recognize some of the faces but not their names…

  3. The coach on the left could be Steve “Pee-Wee” Yarshinsky. He was the face of MYAL baseball & football and coached for years. He has 3 sons…Eddie-1956, Mike-1957, & Stevie-1963. He was small in stature. Eddie & Steve would have been 8-10 years old in 1965.

    • This is a picture of Rizickies drug store. My name is Leon Mortensen, and I am standing next to Mr. Janoski. By the way this was a championship team.

      • Hi Leon, it’s been a long time. I hope you and your family are doing well.

      • Leon, so sorry to hear about your brother Steve’s passing. You guys were great baseball players in Manville. May God bless your family during this difficult time.

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