The Manville Homes (revisited)

A while back I did a write up on “the Manville Homes” which, after a healthy conversation with some of the folks on here, and one fantastic map of the area, we discovered was a Goverment Housing Project used to house war workers. Today I was checking out the New York Times archives and they had a little write up about them, so I figured I’d share.


10 thoughts on “The Manville Homes (revisited)

  1. Dear Tom, I lived in Manville until i was 11 yrs old. My brother James “Jimmy” Politano was killed in an accident on Nov. 15, 1947 on N.6th Avenue. Is there any way you could email me copies of any articles or obituaries about our family tragedy if you can find them? It would mean a lot to me. Thanks,
    Linda Politano Dalpe

  2. I lived in them growing up , while I attended Roosevelt School. We were in the first row of units. They were torn down, when Manville High School was built. My home was turned into the principal’s office.

    • Terry,I just read your reply. I also lived there. I was in the second row at number 63 Manville Homes. Also attended Roosevelt School. Had to move because they were building the High School,graduated in 59. Moved just around the corner on Louis St..Presently in Florida.

  3. I lived in those homes from 1944 to 1945. My father had a job at the John Mansville Plant.
    I was nine years old. My sister was eight. We attended Main Street Elementary School.
    Third grade. The manager of the homes was Mr Gaither. A distinguished black man. The
    population was mixed. Mostly white, but many blacks. Many black Jamacans. Do not where
    they worked. They use to leave for work every day on busses. They played cricket on Sundays.
    We moved back to Middletown New York soon after VJ day

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