Manville vs. Somerville 1958


I have a feeling that this blog is starting to drive the Ebay market a little, at least in terms of Manville treasures. I’ve been noticing more and more random Manville stuff popping up since the inception of this blog. I had another stellar Ebay find this morning. The program from the Manville vs. Somerville football game from september of ’58. The first thing I would say about this is that the cover design is awesome! Unfortunately the line up pages are not legible from the photos. I can never read the line ups on these when I find them online. Seeing this got me thinking about sports programs and how it would be sweet to archive them on this site. I think it would be great for people to have local sports info at their fingertips… So, you know… thats a hint. If you have any laying around that you could take clear digital photos of, or, if you would allow me to borrow them, scan them, and return them that would be incredible. Then I can host them on here for anyone to view or download. Wouldn’t it be awsome to have a Manville sports game/score/program/photo archive?!


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