Manville News, June 27th, 1941

So this is the 10th digitally archived “old” Manvile News… and finally 2 consecutive issues. The date is June 27th, 1941. The article “22 liquor licenses issued” is not a joke. In what is either the worst or best thing to ever happen to the town (don’t kid yourself it’s the best thing) … Manville townsfolk and their thirst for booze had spoken. Included in the many people on the recieveing end of the right to be a booze slinger are notable folk… Peter Semenuik (Petey’s Tavern) and Chester Trojanowski (Chester House Inn/Bar). It also lists a business named The Weston Hotel… anyone familiar with this place? I have never heard of it. Anyway… here is the link. Manville News 6-27-1941 OCR


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