Silver Jubilee Collector Plate

I recently found another EBAY gem. In 1954 the town of Manville celebrated it’s Silver Jubille. A silver jubilee is a 25th anniversary, in Manville’s case it was in honor of a quarter of a century of independence from the town of HIllsborough. This is a plate I recently saw for sale… In the center it has a photo of the “First Packard Automobile“. I’m not sure what signifigance the car has in relation to Manville… but they are gorgeous looking luxurious cars from the time, so I suppose it was just a symbol of prosperity. Reguardles, it’s a great looking plate with a silver edge, and fantastically executed ornate border pattern. This is definitely the first time I’ve ever seen this classic piece of Manville history. The EBAY auction ended with no bids, if he relists this I’ll try and post a link here in case anyone is interested in it.

Looks like this is back up for sale… GO TO EBAY.


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