Manville News, July 11th, 1941

Wow, there has been some activity on this blog finally. Right now I have the 12th installment of the digitized “old” Manville News. This is July 11th, 1941. This is another consecutive issue, and an interesting one having Alexander Batcho being named to the post of District Clerk of the Board of Education (succeeding Frank George) and a report on the good behavior of liquor salesman. I decided that from now on im going to be hosting these digital files on the actual site instead of using 3rd party hosting sites… this way the download links should work forever.

In other amazing news though, I have been contacted by the family of Neal Ranauro (the guy who took most of the amazing photos on this blog) They have been really amazing in trying to win back the rights to reproduce all of his photos… his niece has even contacted the Rutgers Library management on my behalf to claim the copyright. I talked before on this site about how his collection is a treasure trove of amazing historical Manville photos locked up in a library, where they have probably never been looked at by anyone except by myself, and are available for reproduction only by paying for them. If it works out I’ll be hoping to put them to print… so there might quite possibly be a Neal Ranauro/Manville Historical photo book in the future. Keep your fingers crossed.

Anyway, for now here is a link to that digital newspaper we were talking about. Manville News 7-11-1941


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