The Johns Manville Quarter Century Club

I mentioned a few days ago that the Onderko family contributed a couple of old JM quarter century club programs. Between the great cover design and the many photos in the 1954 issue I had to post these up. The Johns Manville Quarter Century club honored men and women for 25 years of employment with the Johns Manville Corporation. The earliest one we have here is from 1949, which is pretty crazy considering that it honoring men and women that were employed at JM since 1924… 5 years before Manville won it’s independence from the town of Hillsborough. The later one is from 1954, and actually has a mugshot for each inductee. Im going to post just the photos up here, but at the bottom of the post you will see 2 links to download the entire programs, which have a lot more great information including The Charter Officers, Past Presidents, and Executive Committee. The 1954 issue also has a complete list of all active/retired members to date (of publication.) You can enlarge the photos by clicking them. Enjoy.

So, that’s it. All of the 1954 Quarter Century Club inductees, I’m sure there are many familiar faces here. If you’re interested to read more info on the Quarter Century Club, or info about the actual ceremonies you can download the programs using these links.  Thanks again Rich!

JM Quarter Century Club 1949

JM Quarter Century Club-Silver Anniversary – 1954


2 thoughts on “The Johns Manville Quarter Century Club

  1. I want to thank you for this edition relating to the history of Manville. I don’t have any photos of my great-grandfather and it was a pure joy to see a photo of him as part of the Johns Manville Quarter century club (John Walko Sr). My grandfather (John Walko Jr) was also a member of the Quarter century club and I have a treasured photo of him and my grandmother at one of the last picnics held at the Johns Manville headquarters picnic area (can’t remember the year). In addition, my grandfather was a member of the Manville Police force sometime under Chief Jashinski. No photos at the police department just one old photo in front of his new house on South 12th Avenue with his police uniform.

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