Manville Police Dept. Inspection 1976

Front row, left to right: Lt. Andrew Persinko, Sgt. Robert Delesky, Sgt. Walter Klimovich, Sgt. Steve Max, Sgt. George Kelman, Sgt. Ted Gluch,  Patrolmen Wayne Steigerwalt, Robert Marsicano, John Petrovic, John Lapotosky

Back row, left to right: Patrolmen Richard Delesky, Michael Kassick, Michael Moschak, Dennis Sidorski, John Herasymchuck, John Buffi

So I just got sent some great old Manville Police stuff from Drew Persinko, who’s father Andrew was on the force in town from 1949 – 1980. This is my favorite from the bunch. The photo is from 1976, at the old police station that was located on Main Street at the current site of Dunkin Donuts. I’m not sure what sort of ceremony this is… and unfortunately I do not have a list of names. More MPD stuff coming. Stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Manville Police Dept. Inspection 1976

  1. I think it’s ironic that a DD was built on a former police station site. Being in Manvile is an extra chuckle.. The site is great, keep up the good work. I appreciate all your hard work running this thing.

  2. This is another annual police inspection photo. I will have to have my parents scan a copy of the picture of me on inspection day “locking-up” Sgt. Sidorski. I must have been about 6 when that was in the Manville News, so that would make it circa 1985.

  3. The cruiser in the foreground being blue would mean this was the late-70’s. The cruisers became white sometime in the early 80’s I think or around then.

  4. My dad, Joseph H. Mamera was an Auxillary policeman during the 1950s-60… I wonder if his photo is somewhere around here?
    Thanks for posting.

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