Andrew Persinko M.P.D. 1949-1980

Newly promoted Sgt. Andrew Persinko & Lt. John Kropewnicki. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

Andrew Persinko started as a ptrolman on the Manville Police Force in 1949, was promoted to Sgt. in 1963, and had become a Lt. sometime in the 70’s. He spent 31 years of his life as a Manville Police officer until he retired in 1980. His son Drew sent us all these great photos. Much respect to Andrew and his family.

Lt. Andrew Persinko 1978. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

3 thoughts on “Andrew Persinko M.P.D. 1949-1980

  1. Lt.John Kropewnicki in the top photo was my grandfather. He was one of the first policemen in Manville, having served for many years. He retired not too long after the photo was taken.

    • Hi chris I know your grand father he came my fathers house in lost valley all the time my dad was also a special cop at the time in manville that was my granfathers house in lost valley from my step-moms there was 12 kids in there family.. last house on the left side over the bridge big white house that sat in the back and the despoilal plant was in the back

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