Manville Police Force 1954.

Front Row, Left to Right: Theodore Lapay, Andrew Shutak, John Jasinski (Chief), Joseph Dudash, John Kropewnicki
Back Row, Left to Right: Andrew Persinko, Ted Gluch, Richard Delesky, Michael Wass, Rudolph, Korosec, John Kelyman

Wow, I am are dropping all kinds of MPD stuff on here today. Here is another submission from the Persinko family. The 1954 Manville Police Force. This names were sent to me with Drew Persinko along with the photos, so I am assuming they are correct. Of course I am always open to corrections. I actually recognize this photo from the collection of Neal Ranauro, so I’m 99% sure the photo was taken by him. This is awesome.


One thought on “Manville Police Force 1954.

  1. Photo brings back memories of when my grandfather pulled out his photo album when he was a cop back in the day. We looked at this exact photo in the days before he passed at 96 a couple years ago. He is the one on the lower right, John Kropewnicki. Lots of great stories, a great photo. In this one he is in his early to mid 40’s, one big guy not too many messed with.

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