Manville Police Force photo 1977


This is a 1977 Manville Police Dept. team photo. I mostly have had my skateboard taken away by  almost all of these guys, or went to high school with their sons. Nowadays, all the guys I graduated high school with are the Police. Anyway this is another great submission by Drew Persinko. And for the record… I am highly interested in more police photos to put up here. If any of you guys have any, please get them to me so we can share them with everyone.


2 thoughts on “Manville Police Force photo 1977

  1. My uncle Andy Persinko. back in the days that the cops weren’t so hard assed. Frankie B. I knew, he was a good one, my moms friends nephew. Was friends with the Buffi’s. Ran around with a Kathy B. No idea where she ended up. Best cops stories involved liberated fireworks, and 45 ammo

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