The Manville Three


Before I start this post, let me just say that the Police photos have gotten a LOT of attention over the past 2 days. Yesterday had the third highest web hit count since I started this thing… so thanks to Drew Persinko for submitting them and if you have thought about submitting photos and for some reason didn’t, let that be some inspiration for you to finally do it. With that said, this is the last of the photos that Drew sent me. If you are from the town of Manville the name John Jasinski should mean something to you. He was Manville’s first Police Chief & Manvilles first Recorder/Magistrate. Along with Joseph Dudash, and Andrew Shutack they made up Manville’s first police “force” and the did it alone up until the addition of John Kropewnicki in 1940 (who I unfortunately do not have a photo of). This article is great not just because it honors the first 3 officers of Manville law, but because the photos are so classic looking. These guys are a priceless part of Manville’s history. For more Police Officer records you can check the Manville Police Dept. website’s history section where they have what seems to be the complete list.


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