Manville Gardens (Weston) & The Veghte Farm


I have such a soft spot for maps. When historical Manville ones show up I really get siked. A good friend of mine named Jessica Bodo recently bought a house in town. Being a fellow Manville history buff, she started to obsessively explore the history of her property. Her searches have turned up many VERY interesting pieces of info. She discovered that when she got back far enough in time, most of the property in Manville’s “Weston” section was actually owned by one family… The Veghte family. She also found the above map, drafted in 1917 and filed in 1919, it maps out the newly established plots of land to be developed.  These two pieces of information coupled with the Hillsborough 1860 farm map was a real slam dunk  in terms of concrete information. After viewing the 1860 farm map, combined with this Manville Gardens map we could see that the property line of the Veghtes exactly matched the shape of this newly envisioned Manville Gardens section


I did slightly rotate the Manville Gradens map, but you can see right down to Abraham Veghte’s house (the red arrow)… it’s a perfect match geographically., with Royce Brook backing the property. This was quite an entertaining realization, and proof that Manville Gardens (or Weston) IS Abraham Veghtes farm (and another smaller piece of property in the bottom left , to which I could not read the name of the original owner). As far as my friend Jess has discovered Abraham Veghte died in 1886, and his Wife Anne (formerly a Vannnest) in 1897. The land was handed down to the Veghte’s children… it’s a bit of a mystery on why they decided to sell it.

If you look at the Manville Gardens map (at the top) between the streets then known as Jackson and Schwartz Terrace, between First Street and Raritan, you will see what appears to be the farm plot, which was eventually chopped in half when they extended Harrison Street all the way through to Raritan Ave. Just for kicks I decided to superimpose a modern street map over the old map.


Even though not TOO much has changed in terms of the layout of the streets, I did notice a lot of the street names have since been changed to commemorate some of the great folks that helped perpetuate Manville’s existence as a town. For instance Jasinski Ave, named for our great first police chief was formerly called Beekman Ave. Persinko Ave, named after the family of another man on the police force Lt. Andrew Persinko was formerly named Fourth Ave. Sidorski Ave was formerly known as Schwartz Terrace. Ruth place however, was just always called Ruth place. Weird. Another interesting thing about this map, is that it has a road crossing over the railroad tracks that’s called “Road from Roycefield to Millstone Road.” I’ve mentioned before on this blog that I believe that an old road called Weston Road ran further east of JFK Blvd., which clearly did not exist during that time of this map. You can see a little kink in Kennedy on the modern map where they eventually rerouted the old road. There are 3 streets on the old map called Fifth Ave,  Sixth Ave. and Forest that apparently never came to fruition. Nowadays the area where Forest Ave should be is literally just… forrest. It looks like the Reading Railroad owned the area which now houses the end of Dominic St. and Richard Ave. This property was formerly owned by another farmer named Joseph Christopher.

Along her historical searches my friend Jess also noted that at some point on The Veghte farm a young man accidentally shot his sister to death with a shotgun… anyone out there have any insight on this?

This was a pretty heavy post so thanks for hanging on… as always if anyone has additional information please let me know or leave some comments!.


17 thoughts on “Manville Gardens (Weston) & The Veghte Farm

  1. the road going to millstone rd ran through where the airport is when i was younger we went back there and you could see where a road ran over the tracks and right down in front of airport ending at where pizza & pasta is now

    • The Impellizeri family actually owned part of this property. It ran from Jackson Ave up to Stone Wall Ave. My grandparents house used to sit in the Middle of Harrison Ave. Dominic Street was on the western side of the property and Raritan Ave. was on the other side. The land was sold for development in 1956. The house was actually moved by a truck with a cable attached while the house was on a carriage of what looked like railroad ties and moved to it current location on the corner of Stonewall Ave and Raritan Ave. The Adamo’s are actually cousins of ours. My father’s uncle Tony also lived up the street from us on Stonewall Ave. I remember watching the truck pulling the house.

      Donald M Impellizeri

  2. Persinko Street was not named after my uncle Andy. It was one of the Persinko’s in the previous generation, probably my gradfather’s (Andrew’s pop) brother. Hopefully my cousin will have some more info. Regards to Jessica for me, I knew her sister well. 🙂

    • Persinko Street was named after my dad … Andrew L. Persinko, Sr.
      At one time (not sure of the dates), my dad was President of the Town Council. There is a plaque on a tiny building on Dukes Parkway (near Main Street end) which belongs I believe to the Water Authority. Over the door the plaque lists the Council (?) members. It is dated. I think if you check when Persinko Street was named, it will be in the same general time period as the plaque.

      I don’t live in New Jersey anymore, or I’d go take a picture of the building and plaque for you.

      • Cathy thanks so much for the additional info. I think I know the place you’re talking about, and will definitely go give it a look. Do you have any old photos of town that you’d be willing to share? If so please email me at I’d be happy to credit you and your family for contributing. It’s so great that these posts are reaching all over the country at this point… makes doing this so much more worthwhile. Thanks again. – Mike

      • Cathy … you are right. It was named after Andrew Persinko, Sr. New your dad very well at St. Mary’s.
        Petey Semenick, Jr.

  3. I grew up at 4 Ruth Place. My dad Louis Brown bought his first house at 4 Ruth Place from the Adamo’s next door for about $12K I believe in 1956. He and my Mom Elise sold it in 1989 I believe and retired back to their hometown of Claxton, Ga. I had many great times growing up in Manville. I was in the first class at Weston Elementary School. Remember playing around at the Royce Brook on the way to school many mornings. Manville was a wonderful town to grow up in with many wonderful citizens and neighbors. The Skubas,Hess’,Willards and Solareks on Ruth Place. Simpler times I think. We walked to school and played in the woods without fear of violence except an occasional fistfight among friends.
    Thanks for the great post, Jim Brown

  4. Just wanted to add a note of thanks for all the wonderful Manville history you are posting. I grew up in Manville and now live in Bound Brook. We lived in “Little Weston”. There is a street called “Schmidt St” by Pizza and Pasta in Manville that is on the map but not really a street. It is a ditch. We had hours of fun playing there as kids. I’vs often tried to look up the history of the Little Weston area but never could never find too much on it.

    • Little Weston was pretty much the VanNest farm. I think they sat on that property for a while. The street that runs up next to the Sunoco is named VanNest Place. I’m currently working on that small chunk of Manville. I’ll hook you all up when I’m done.

      • Thanks for any “Little Weston” info you may have. When my parents were building their home there in 1952 they came across some Indian arrow heads when the foundation was being dug. There is also a ditch past Gary St and before Kupper airport which is on the map as Smith St. I was always curious as to what may have been there in the past.

  5. I believe the original concrete bridge going over the Raritan into Finderne was called the VanVeghten Bridge.I will add additional links to confirm this.Then again,I thought I saw a plaque on that bridge.

    I wonder if it’s just a matter of spelling it correctly.

    • On that map, “Manville Gardens,owned and developed by Equator Realty and Improvement,116 Nassau St.NYC”

      “All lots to be sold with restrictions that houses to be built shall cost not less than $1750 each.”

      Wouldn’t happen today,would it?

      • Part of this land was owned by the Impellizeri family. My grandparents’ property went from Stonewall Ave. down to Jackson Ave and Dominic Street to Raritan Ave. My grandparents house actually sat in the middle of Harrison Ave. The land was sold in 1956 for development. The house was actually moved by truck pulling a cable while the house was on a carriage made of what looked like railroad ties up to the current location on the corner of Stonewall Ave and Raritan Ave. The Adamo’s are cousins of ours. My great uncle Tony and his family also lived up the street from us on Stonewall Ave.

        Donald M Impellizeri

  6. There is a Veghte Burying Ground (find on Google maps) on River road – maybe the answer to your accidental shooting mystery can be found there.

    • No, been there. Its a different Veghte strain. Its the ones that owned the property where Dukes estates is. I still haven’t found proof that they where related to the ones in Weston. However I did find that Veghte married one of the Van Nest daughters. They owned little Weston. I have the names to the shooting. We’re the girl was buried & what happend to the family is a mystery. I can’t get a hold of a census after 1930. Arrow heads would be common, because of the rivers & Royce Brook the Lenape Indians where in this area. I also found out on Facebook not to long ago that Little Weston was once a fruit tree farm. I haven’t found anything to prove it yet though.

  7. Very interesting reading. The VanVeghten Bridge to Finderne is accurate. The first street on the left after crossing the bridge is VanVeghten Drive. The house on the left after turning on that street is the VanVeghten House. I am Jim Veghte, grew up in Belle Mead and actually worked at Star Auto in Manville in the early 70’s. Never heard of Abraham Veghte but will check with some of my relatives to see if they have any further background info.

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