W.M. Mazur… and a READERS POLL!


You know I’ve been putting some heavy posts on here lately. I keep telling myself that the heart and soul of this blog really lies in the photos. People don’t want to always have to listen to me drone on with my long winded diatribes about which streets used to be called what. So in the name of lightheartedness here is a photo. I love this photo, but I could never really identify it. The name Mazur makes me think of Mazur’s Market, but I don’t know that they had a delivery service. Anyone have any info on what or who this exactly is? Manville please chime in on this!

Also, it’s a new year and in the name of keeping everyone exited about the site, I set up this little poll. This confidential and will only tell the percentage of what people voted for. It’s free and easy and just takes a second. Please participate in this… it’s for everyones benefit. And it’s lots of fun! You can check the progress by clicking the “view results” at the bottom of the poll.



12 thoughts on “W.M. Mazur… and a READERS POLL!

  1. I googles the name Mazur. There are several still in Manville….a refrigeration Co. and a Polish organization….with phone numbers. They might be able to answer this. They can probably tell you more about the Market. It was an important part of family life back then.

  2. My mom was a Kaschak and has been in town for 80 years. She said William was not a part of Mazur’s Foodtown, but that he might have been a cousin.

  3. My Mom was a Kaschak and has lived in Manville for 80 years. She said William might be a cousin but was not one of the owners of Mazur’s Market (Foodtown)

  4. Talked to Mom again tonight. She told me that William was actually the Dad and owner of Mazur’s Foodtown. His 2 sons ran the place for him. He was originally from Wilkes-Barre, PA, not far from where my Dad came from

  5. My ex was related to the kaschaks somehow and they somehow know about the mazurs but I only remember Mazur’s Market…hahahaaaaa j/k@DZS

    • I know that..I was messing with you..haha

      I remember going grocery shopping with my mom at Mazur’s and they always played that creepy Ray Coniff singers stuff. And the meat display smelled a little funny.
      I think Rice Crispies and Captain Crunch AND SUGAR POPS! were like 19 cents a box. And you got a prize in them. I always thought the cars that came in the Rice Crispies were the coolest.

  6. We were pretty poor so mom killed 2 birds with one stone. A box of cereal and a toy for the lucky one. Our mortgage for 30 years was $75.00 a month.

  7. We lived in Middlesex, but my mom and dad grew up in Manville. We always drove all the way from Middlesex to do our grocery shopping at Mazur’s.

  8. I was born 1941 in Manville in the house my DAD buit by himself on North 7th Avenue. He worked in JM during the day and at night he would dig the dirt for the basement with his home made plow and digger. He was a smart man. They had no money so he borrowed the money from a close friend and paid every penny back. I was the fourth of five children. Four brothers and no sisters. No momey no car, no frills, but we had a lot of fun and everyone in our family was musical and artistic. My dad could play almost any instrument and boy could he dance the polka at the Polish Home at weddings, etc.

  9. William Mazur was my great grandfather, and Charlie Mazur was my grandfather, they did own Mazur’s market and later the foodtowns. The also owned the old movie theater in town. I don’t know too much else other than that, and only ever heard these stories through my grandmother Ann who was married to Charlie. I have no idea who that might be in the picture, but found this site, as I was searching to find out more about my family. Very cool picture.

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