Manville News, August 15th, 1941

OK, here is another digital issue of the Old Manville News. I’m committed to knocking these things out this year. Getting them all scanned and the digital files delivered to the Manville Library, where hopefully the residents will have good access to them. This is another consecutive issue with the cover story being about the reception of Governor Charles Edison to Rogalski’s Grove in Manville. This issue os also the first mention of the rerouting of the the bridge on Main Street near the old Weston Station… or in other words at the intersection of JFK Blvd, which at this time had not been done yet. It also includes a little blurb on Manville poet Victor R. Manella. Here is a download link… Manville News 08-15-41


One thought on “Manville News, August 15th, 1941

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