Manville News, September 12th, 1941

It’s hard to imagine that Manville would still be struggling to get their streets in order 12 years after it originally became a town. Especially since the bad condition of the roads was a main reason that the borough made a bid for it’s independence. In this digital September 12th, 1941 issue of the old Manville News, it’s clearly still a big community issue. The big stories also include a fire at the Polish Home and opening day of the Manville Yellowjackets football season. This is a pretty good one! Manville News 9-12-1941


6 thoughts on “Manville News, September 12th, 1941

  1. Despite being a primary through-road, as the only route from North to South-side besides Main Street, the block of S. 13th Ave between Camplain and Washington didn’t get curbs, gutters and sidewalks until the widening project of the 1970s.

    • I don’t think 13th st was a through-road until sometime in the early to mid 60’s – there was never a railroad crossing there when I grew up. There was an open field where the firehouse stands and ditch along 13th st. that we used to play in much like royce brook.

  2. I found an history of Fire Company #2 that says they began planning for the current firehouse in early 1958, “at the same time that the Borough was contemplating the construction of a grade crossing across the LVRR at South 13th Avenue.”

    My family has been on S. 13th since late 1961. As far as I know, the grade crossing was there at that time, but I’ll check next time I visit.

    So it seems like the crossing went in somewhere in the 1958 – 1961 time frame.

    I know that, even after S. 13th got gutters and sidewalks, there were side-streets nearby that didn’t, as late as the late 70s.
    It’s just ironic that, given curbs and gutters were front-page news in 1941, nearly 4 decades later it remained an unfinished project.

  3. Asked my Dad & older brother (who was 8 or 9 when they moved to Manville) — the 13th Ave grade crossing was definitely there by the end of 1961.

    BTW – 70 years after that Manville News, S. 17th Ave, between Camplain & the tracks, still does not have complete curbs and gutters; there are several gaps on the block.

    • I couldn’t remember exactly when that crossing was built – I lived on S 11th Ave right next to the tracks for the early part of my life – after a short stint in Lost Valley, then moved to the North side in sixth grade or so – remember playing in that big open field before houses were built on 12th Ave and before the firehouse, there was also a big fiield between 10th and 11th between Washington Ave and Camplain Rd – basically across from Somerset Bakery that we used to play in – I remember one summer day playing with matches in that field and set it a blaze – ran like hell and went straight to the Manville Movies and spent the afternoon there so I woulldn’t get caught – afterwards went back and one of the neighbor ladies was out there and I asked what happened – all I could remember her saying was she was glad it caught fire to get rid of all the weeds and dry grass –

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