Polish home bar

Polish Home bar, circa late 1940’s • Click photo to enlarge

So I got some great photos emailed to me a couple weeks back by Tom Kopczyk, and I’m just getting around to posting them now. These are a great peek into everyday life for Manville folks in the 40’s. And Im going to post them one at a time over the next few days… since I feel they are best digested slowly and individually. This particular one is of the bar in the old Polish Home, where Tom’s father Mike Kopczyk tended bar… also in the rear against the wall in the dark fedora hat is his uncle, Steve Perun Sr.

7 thoughts on “Polish home bar

  1. Where was this located exactly?
    I even googled to find out and I have yet to come up with anything.
    My brother remembers , but not the exact location.
    It is possible this place was gone a long time ago and I am too young to remember it.
    I know where the northside lounge and Christ the King church are, my brother says that it was in that area.

      • There’s a small townhouse development there, now. On the Brooks Blvd. end of the block is a gravel parking lot used by Christ the King church-goers.

        BTW, looking at the historicaerials.com site from the Main St. underpass entry, the Polish Home was still standing in 1987, but was gone by 1995.

  2. My brother Tom sent this in . Yep, that’s my dad Mike Sr. at the cash register. We lived upstairs and this was probably dad’s first job and apartment after the war. I can barely remember this, being about 3 at the time. I think the picture is 1948. My uncle Steve in the background owned and operated Steve’s Tire Service on Main st for many years. Anyone know who the other people are? Mike

  3. Yes i remember te polish home in back of christ the king church and in front of Roosevelt school worked there as a go go dancer in late 60’s Frank was the Bartender.

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