The Manville Pastry Shop 1940’s

Here is another classic photo from the collection of Tom Kopczyk. The Manville Pastry Shop, circa late 1940’s. According to Tom this photo is currently displayed in the present Manville Pastry Shoppe. His Father, Mike Kopczyk Sr. is center left in the white t-shirt. Im not sure the relationship, if any, between the current shop and this one, but it’s great to see Manville’s history being carried on… especially through such a delicious venue.


10 thoughts on “The Manville Pastry Shop 1940’s

  1. I’m told that the shop’s current owner , Joe Karpinski, is the son of the original owner Vince Karpinski. Vince is in this picture, but I’m not sure which one he is.

  2. Take a look at the man in the lower right of the picture. Now go back to the earlier post of Wm. Mazur driving his truck. Looks like the same guy to me! Right down to the hat.

  3. They made the best Cheese Danishes and had lots of other pastries when I was growing up in the late 60’s to when I graduated in 1982

  4. Mazur was the owner of manville movies, mazur also owner of food market main st. by the light across from the church. also a bakery was on corner and down chaplin road also was a bakery too. across from petey’s

  5. On my way there right now to order a Birthday cake for my Mom. Geat selection, great taste and great prices. A true Manville tradition.

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