Manville Cub Scouts Pack 191 (1951)

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1st row, l to r: Andrew Charneski, Thomas Saitta, Walter Kogut, Kenneth Kucharz, Henry Hribar, James Hill, Daniel Matyola, Alex Bicar, Theodoe Gajewski, Richard Zeleznick
2nd row: Charles Charneski, Cub Master, Helen Charneski, Den Mother, Richard Perini, Steven Gibus, Michael Tacak, George Feno, Robert Tulner, John Spock, Richard Szymborski, Edward Blazovsky
Mrs. Blazovsky, Den Mother, Mrs. Perini, Den Mother
3rd row: Peter Semenick, Gerald Steffon, Atrhur Shandor, Andrew Fotta, Peter Markowitz, Curtis Weidlich, David Batcho, Charles Risko, Robert Vagi

I just received this great photo of the Manville Cub Scout Pack 191 from Charles Charneski. This particular photo was taken back in May of ’51. Being that I belonged to the very same cub scout pack over 30 years later, it brings me great joy to post this here. I don’t think I knew at the time, the long proud history of Manville’s Pack 191. For so many years, all the way through Boy Scouts I gained so much valuable knowledge, experience, and so many great times (and found salamanders) with the scouts. It’s something that I only just realized needs to be addressed on this blog. If there is anyone out there with knowledge of a complete history, or more photos I’d love for you to email me HERE

Thanks again to Charles Charneski & Richard Onderko for getting this over to me. And Mr. Rayot for teaching me how to start a fire and tie a square knot!


4 thoughts on “Manville Cub Scouts Pack 191 (1951)

  1. wow its cool to see this ! i googled myself and this is what came up ! charles charneski was my grandfather ! i miss him dearly ! when i was i kid he used to scare me with a board with a nail in it!! (it was deserved! i was quite a handfull lol) i was named after my uncle andrew (he passed before i was born) my father was his brother reynold charneski. he is retired and doing good in deltona fl. i also have great memories of being a boy scout when i was young

  2. I am the Grandson Of Charles and Helen Charneski , I just found this site because My brother Andy told me about it. He was named after his Uncle Andy in the photo who Had died Shortly before his birth. I am very proud of my Grandparents and there willingness to use their free will. They were so generous and now I understand why I am the way I am.

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