Camplain Road School

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Another classic photo from the collection of Art Shandor. This is a 1947 shot of the Camplain Road School. We’ve covered this school before, so there isn’t much that hasn’t already been said about this place, but I just thought this was a nice shot. This is surely another photo from the great Neal Ranauro. Awesome.


10 thoughts on “Camplain Road School

  1. I seem to remember thaqt building being on main st. in the vicinity of the manor house which is now gone also, or was it just named the camplaign Rd Schoolo?

    • There was a Main Street school (it’s a municipal parking lot now, next block south from Fucillo & Warren). The two buildings looked similar, although Camplain Rd school had the 3 front-facing gables seen here, was “T” shaped and sat right at sidewalk level, while Main St. school had only one front gable, was rectangular and was on a small rise, a few feet above sidewalk level. There’s an older post that shows pictures of both schools.

  2. This school was where the Camplain Commons housing complex is now, on Camplain between S 6th and 7th. I went to K-5th grade there, in the final years of the school, 1970-75.
    I remember getting to school early and having races around the block, and playing baseball on the kickball field with the flagpole courtyard being home run territory.
    I’d like to see inside pictures of the school, if anyone has any!

  3. I remember going to third grade at this school- in 1965- we lived right up the street (6th) and walked to school.

  4. Walking to school… what a concept (these days)!
    I used to make the walk back and forth to Camplain Rd School every day from South 16th Ave, K through 5th grade.
    Then 6-12th (ABIS and MHS), crossing the tracks and sometimes just walking along the tracks to 13th, throwing an occasional rock at the old railroad power line glass insulators. ;}

    I will forever remember those snowy winter mornings listening to school closing announcements, and “Manville” was not mentioned! We didn’t have a weather-affected bus system to bail us out.

  5. I went to Camplain Rd School in the 50s. I remember working on a bulletin board exhibit about Hawaii becoming a state. I had a great teacher in 3rd grade – Mrs. Nuse. She was the best! I would love to be able to thank her for her caring ways and her kindness.

    We walked to school every day in all sorts of weather. There was no cafeteria so sometimes I walked home for lunch and back. There was no A/C either. At times when I walked home for lunch, my mom washed my hair in the kitchen sink to cool me down. I walked back with wet hair, and
    it dried en route.

  6. I use to go to Camplain Road School 1st-6th grades. I use to walk up to 17th Ave. Every day I told my children how far I had to walk, and they were being real funny. What mom didn’t they have school buses in my day (LOL).
    I was going through FB. And found this arrival about the school.

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  8. I enjoyed this school the most. Would love to be able to stroll through those hallways again! Still looking for interior photos…

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