A Vintage Walk to the Manville-Weston Station.

Manville was a different looking place back in the 1930’s. In some ways it was a better place, in that you could actually get out of town via the many train stations around. Most likely though if you were a regular Chad or Brad leaving town you were probably headed out from the Manville-Weston Station. Here’s some scenes from your 1930 walk over to the station… all of these photos will enlarge twice if you click on them.

This is Main Street looking south. Across the street is the great St. Mary’s church. It looked the same all the way into the 90’s. Just a few more blocks south you’d end up near the Royce Brook, looking at the old train bridge leaving town. Just to the right up on the hill is the Weston Station…

You’d walk up the old stairs to get to the train station, where you could catch the old Delaware and Bound Brook Railroad to your connecting trains to NY or PA. But not before you saw the ticker agent Mr. Persinko to pay your fare..


8 thoughts on “A Vintage Walk to the Manville-Weston Station.

  1. I was a kid when the station burned down. I lived on Somerville ave and walked up Onka Street and watched the fire. I was a shame the town could not figure out something to do with it. When I come back to Manville, when you take the curve on Kennedy Blvd, heading to Weston, there is a stairway going up the hill with a old light fixture on top that led to the station. Thats all thats left of the station.

  2. Umm

    At the time of that picture the Delaware & Bound Brook RailRoad had been defunct for about 50 years…That info directly from the site linked in the article.

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