John’s Manville’s “Asbestos Hotel”

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Awhile back someone asked me if I had any photos of the asbestos hotel. Here is a great one I got from a 50th anniversary issue of the Manville News from 1979. This photo is of the Asbestos Hotel while still under construction in 1917. Finished in 1919, the building was originally used to house JM workers. It eventually turned into the JM administration building.



8 thoughts on “John’s Manville’s “Asbestos Hotel”

  1. I still think it was an absolute crime that this building, which had such a prominent place on Main Street, was torn down to make way for Walmart, rather than be converted into a proper Borough Hall, Municipal Court and Police Headquarters.

    BTW — My dad worked in that building for the short time he worked for JM; that view is of the back of the building. In the attic were still vestiges of sleeping cubicles for workers.

      • When I was growing up in Manville, the 1950s and 60s there were two trees in the center of the yards on each side of the front door. These were 2 huge weeping cherry trees, that each spring would be covered brilliantly with pink blossoms. There may have been oak trees in other places but I am sure about these 2. When the property was cleared these were cut down. My mother enjoyed these trees so much that when we built a new house on Cedar Street in 1964 she had my father plant the same type in the front lawn. That was cut down also by the new owners when the house was sold in the 1990s. I guess it’s progress.

  2. Mike, thank you for these pictures of the Asbestos Hotel. I was the person a while back asking you about it. I had made that post in the postcards section of this Internet site because I remember as a young boy seeing a postcard with this building on it. I would still appreciate it if anyone has this postcard if they post it here.

    • Looking at the site, the office building and factory buildings were still there in ’87. By 1995, the factory buildings were down, but the office still stood. In 2002, the office building was gone and the new shopping center had been built. So, sometime between ’95 & ’02.

      Actually, it was one building — shaped like a capital E. The view above is of the back of the building, looking at the ends of the arms of the E (as if you were standing behind the current police station, looking towards Main St & Brooks Blvd).

      The earlier post “Manville Becomes a Borough 1929” shows a great view of the front of the building, before any vegetation or fences (and before the railroad underpass was built).

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