Manville 50th Anniversary 1910 Map

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I got this old reprint of a 1910 map of Manville out of a 50th anniversary special newspaper insert that came with The Manville News, The Hillsborough Beacon, and The Franklin News Record on April 26, 1979. Thanks again to the Folks at the Somerset County Historical Society for letting me snap digital photos of this. The street you see with all the cars on it is Main Street. If you look WAY in the back between where the train tracks meet you can see the Federal Creosote Factory. All three train stations appear on the map. Also, for some reason on the left side of the map there is a giant rooster. I have no idea what the hell that means. Apparently this map was drawn crudely and not to scale, although it looks pretty awesome to me. It was used as a sort of handout to lure residents into town. Some of the farms on the map are “hypothetical farms” but there are a few houses I recognize from other old maps. I’m going to try and sort out the residences for a possible future post. Until then though… if you want to download a bigger PDF version of the map, where you can zoom in on more detail just click HERE. Enjoy.


One thought on “Manville 50th Anniversary 1910 Map

  1. I’m curious — near the intersection of Finderne Ave and Union Ave, there is an inscription that reads “MILITARY SCHOOL.”

    Any idea what that was?

    Also, you may already be aware of this, but when I was working at the Manville library in ’79, we had showings of a 16mm color (silent, a I recall) home movie of some of the celebrations for the 25th anniversary in ’54. There was definitely a parade. I think the film was part of the collection at Manville.

    I don’t know the feasibility of getting them from film to web, but there are probably loads of interesting images on that film.

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