Camplain Road 1937


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This is a reprinted photo from the November 7th, 1985 issue of the Somerset Messenger Gazette. Here is the original cation…

“There was but one home and one business on Camplain Road, near South 20th Avenue in Manville, when this picture was taken in 1937. Abestos Inn in later years became Pal’s Inn. The house at the right has also withstood the test of time. Ernest Rosebrock of Bridgewater submitted this picture to the Gazette.”

This photo is just so awesome, and just goes to show that there some amazing photos of Manville that we just havent seen yet. If I find them, I’ll be sure to share.



12 thoughts on “Camplain Road 1937

  1. That is not by 20th. It’s actually up by Sunnymead Road and Old Camplain Road, which is Hillsborough. That house is still there as well as the old Pals Inn, which is now the deli

    • I have to respectfully disagree — the size and proportions of the building and it’s relation to the road, the 2 triangular dormers, the position of the two doors seen, even the small addition or porch (obscured by the sign, at left) all perfectly match the building mentioned by Joe Zarnowski, below.
      The deli by Sunnymeade has very different proportions (not long enough, two stories) and the nearest house on the other side of Camplain is too far away and doesn’t match the one in the photo.

  2. My Great-Uncle Willie Newland and Great-Aunt Irene (Bobrowski) lived in the long building on the left. I guess it was originally a business of some sort?
    Also, my God-parents (Mleczko’s) lived there as well.

    There was an “Asbestos Inn”? I know there used to be an Asbestos Hotel over at the JM complex.

  3. I agree — also, the house on the right appears to be the one just east of S. 21st (the angle of the photo makes it hard to tell they’re not right across from each other).

  4. Yes, the caption is correct. This picture was taken from 20th Ave.
    The Asbestos Inn / Pal’s Inn / Alfredo’s Deli is further behind these 2 houses, at Sunnymeade Road.
    Both of these houses are still there today.

  5. I think that was my great grandmothers house on the corner of south 21 st. She owned that whole area, and later sold if off to the sons as they got married. They built the other houses around that.

    • Your right Chris. The house is still there. The one on the left is still there also. Its right across from your Gradparents house which is actually in Hillsborough. You can tell just by looking at the curb and gutter. It is still like that today. Where the curb and gutter end, Hillsborough begins.

  6. Let this old timer set you strait. Back in the day ….. The house is were the Newland family lived. Gary Carmon is right on.

  7. As you can see from my last name, I know a little about these homes. I grew up spending ALOT of time in the house on the left. My grandparents owned it. I used to play around back where “Pal’s Inn” was still painted in black letters on the back of the building. My relatives describe stories of men showing up at the door looking for the bar. I also remember them talking of the Gulch family accross the street. It is definitely Hillsborough as well. Pal’s Inn later moved down to the corner of Sunneymead Rd. It is now a deli. Thank you for all your interest. I’ve really enjoyed reading all the comments.

    • Hey Bob! So your old house was Pal’s Inn? Very cool. I’m wondering what the sign is that is in the foreground, at the very left of the house. Perhaps a real estate sign. My Dad misses all that open space Manville used to have!

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