In for Repairs…


Old tobaco truck in for repairs at Migliores Garage • Click Photo to Enlarge

I got these service garage photos over at the Somerset County Historical Society. The one above appeared in an old Manville calendar with a caption, which is the only reason I can verify the place. Here are a couple more great old service photos… can anyone verify the locations?

The old Camel truck



4 thoughts on “In for Repairs…

  1. Based on the writing on the side of the truck and the same features, it looks like the truck in the 3 pictures is the same truck. I assume the pictures were taken at the same time so it must be the same gas station. If it is Migliore’s gas station, the it is located across from where the old Manville National Bank used to be on Main Street. Close to where Washington street meets Main Street. According to Migliore’s daughter, that is where her father opened up his station. Sometime after 1939, he moved the station down where the old Little Weston Bridge was. I think the station is still there today, not sure who owns it now. It used to be across from Esock’s gas station but Esock’s was torn down when the built the new Little Weston bridge and Esock moved his station on Main Street in Little Weston. That station is still there today.

  2. This looks to me to be at the end of town as you near the old Weston underpass.

    Take a look at the last photo in your MANVILLE-WESTON STATION blog. I think that is the same Esso pump on the left in that picture.

      • Hey Drew, how are you doing? I’ve stuied these photos & there is no doubt that it’s the same truck in all photos. However the gas pumps apppear to be different colors so it could be two locations. Also note that the “Groceries & Meats” truck in the third photo is visible through the truck’s windows in the first photo. That shows that they were taken on differnt occasions considering the angles of the two trucks. I always thought that Phil & Sal Migiore started the business where it last was. I didn’t know their father started it first at the location across from the bank.

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