Pig Lady Road… The Movie

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How would it be if we just took a slight break from the history of Manville to help preserve a local legend. Hell, if you ask me it IS Manville History. While Dukes Estate is a lot less scary these days, I know there’s not a one of you out there that can’t claim the Pig Lady as a Somerset County teenage right of passage. Everyone talked about Pig Lady in the 80s I even remember a lady telling my grandmother one time with a dead stone serious face that she saw a half human animal running around in back of Dukes. We used to trade our versions of the story around the illegally ignited campfire over a Budweiser down in the woods. Yep, if you’re from Somerset County Pig Lady is some serious stuff boyee. The legend is finally about to meet national attention.

MHS graduate Steve Makowski, who has moved on (prosperously) to making movies and short films in the big city, and his partner Thomas De Napoli are slated to start filming in September for a short film about the pig lady legend. Its going to be a light hearted amalgamation of several versions of the Pig Lady legend, to be accompanied by a short actual documentary on the different perspectives on the myth. When I heard Steve was making the film, I called him up and demanded to be part of the production in whatever way I could… to which he said “sure help me interview some people, I might be busy blowing up a car” So I bring to you folks two challenges…

1. Help tell me your version of the Dukes Estate/Pig Lady story… or just leave a comment on this post. If you got your storytelling pants on, volunteer yourself to be interviewed in September. I can’t guarantee you will make the documentary portion of the film… but maybe. Email me at Devildance@Hotmail.com.

2. Here is a link to the Kickstarter page for the movie to help out with funding. There is a mock up trailer, synopsis, writers credentials, and other fun facts. You don’t have to donate anything unless you’re feeling generous, but please check out the page… and please spread the word. In all honesty if you share the link around on your facebooks and whatnot you’d be doing these guys a huge favor, and helping the Pig Lady story get spread around. Here is the LINK.

These guys have experience showing at Sundance Film Festival, and are hoping to have this short film done it time for this years submission. Help make this a big deal.


4 thoughts on “Pig Lady Road… The Movie

  1. I was a sophomore at MHS when we made our first attempt to see the Pig Lady. The story we were told was that the Pig Lady’s husband was a mad scientist, and one night blew up the basement with one of his experiments, and she was badly burned in the face and now resembled a pig. We pulled up to the place where she allegedly lived and waited – then we got out of the car and one of the guys started yelling for her to come out. All of a sudden someone did come running out of that house and started screaming and chasing us. I never ran so fast in my life, I was scared to death and I didn’t even know if it was the Pig Lady or not chasing us! We jumped back in the car and took off. I will never forget how scared I was that night as long as I live, even though it is funny to me now.

  2. I remember driving down that road at night and seeing some guy walking along it. Thought he was nuts to be walking on Pig Lady road at night with all the stories about it but, now it’s paved so the scariness seems to be gone 😦

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