Johnny’s Hillbilly Haven

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So this week has been great for submissions. This great photo of Johnny’s Hillbilly Haven  Is from Diane Stefanchik Hvasta, who’s family owned the bar from the 60’s to the late 80’s. Like many other Manville Main Street buildings, it had one of those great marble storefronts. I wonder why those all came down, seemingly all at the exact same time? If you look on the right side of the building you’ll see an old phone booth… man, those things are antiques now!

Here is the original cation she sent with the photo… Thanks Diane!

My dad owned Johnny’s Hillbilly Haven on Main Street (the Chinese Restaurant now at South Main and Dakota Avenue) from 1962-1989.  Here’s a photo from 1979, possibly the Memorial Day parade.  The bar was bought in 1961 when it was called Max’s or Maxie’s. 

I’ve also got another great submission coming up tomorrow. Stay tuned.




15 thoughts on “Johnny’s Hillbilly Haven

  1. I think the Razorbacks played there when we first started out. We also played the Elmcrest when it was Coconuts. Now all we need is a picture of Charlotte’s, one of my bands played there too. I used to hang at Johnny’s with my old man.

  2. That’s the same building that used to be “Sandy and Tata’s” (Polish for father), Adam Sandusky’s bar before they moved to Finderne and opened Sandusky’s Bar there. Adam was my grandfather Vincent’s brother.
    I don’t know the exact dates, but I’m assuming it was Sandy and Tata’s sometime in the 40’s or 50’s.

  3. As I recall the store front was metal but that’s minor.
    I’d like to tell you a short Johnny’s story that happened to me.
    I wasn’t a “regular ” there but one night a friend and myself decided to stop in. I was wearing a Yankees cap. The bartender came over and stated “no hats allowed at the bar”. I looked around and mentioned to him “there’s a guy over there wearing a cowboy hat”. The bartender responded with “cowboy hats are OK”. I was speechless, took the cap off and ordered a beer. You just can’t argue with logic like that!

  4. Wow. What memories. I did a short bartending stint there with little Johnny. I remember one band in particular (not their name) but rather for a song they did that was pretty much yodeling throughout the entire song.

    As I remembered, there were a lot of (what you may now call) cougars in regular attendance. The young guys would come in later at night after imbibing at other water holes in search of a lonely soul. I would probably say that most of the time those young guys thought they were the hunters but were really the prey!

    Good Times!!!

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