Evans Field / Manville Yellow Jackets

Evans Field (1953) • Click to Enlarge

The fact that Manville had a tremendously talented semipro football team was totally unbeknownst to me until I started turning over the stones of Manville’s history. No one that I can remember in my years as a young boy growing up in Manville ever spoke of it. Not the teachers, the gym teachers, the history teachers, not even the many sports organizations I was involved with as a very young man. We even have a street named after the old sports field, where so many great memories and histories were achieved. Still the term Evans Field, literally meant nothing to me all my life. I find this to be slightly discouraging. I guess we can chalk it up to a young town not valuing it’s historical assets.

Evans Field was located right off Main Street between the Royce Brook and Fucillo Street, behind the current Steve’s Tire. As you can see on the 1953 map above from HistoricaAreals.com, the current Manville street “Evans Drive” runs basically straight through what used to be the old Evans Field… the old practice site of the Manville Yellow Jacktes from the 1920’s to sometime in the 50’s. Gary Carmon sent in this great team photo and the accompanying caption…

Started in 1928 when a group of JM workers began playing Raritan and Bound Brook teams. They also played up in the coal mining towns of PA, where many Manville residents originated. The home games were played at Evans Field, currently where Evans Dr is near Weston school. I believe they played up until sometime in the 40’s.

This picture shows the 1930 champs –

Left to right, front row sitting: Andy Batcho, Mickey Repka, Ralph Stanley, William Pilla, Jake Zimney

Middle row kneeling: Leo Piskowski, Steve Zydiak, Adam Sandusky, Jim Kelyman, Frank Sobchinsky, Andrew Shutack, George Hallad, Andy Lapotsky

Standing in the back: Joseph Shutack, Joe Rosky, Chester Myskowski, Charles Golcheski, Andrew Menzak, Pete Menzak, Leo Traney, Jerry Deto, Frank “Ham” Dudash, Henry Waida, Pete Semenick

Adam Sandusky is my grandfather Vincent’s brother, and owned Sandusky’s Bar in Finderne.  Adam’s son Mike played for the Pittsburgh Steelers 1957-65.”

IF you are unfamiliar with the Yellow Jackets you can see an earlier post with some action shots HERE. But Gary also, submitted this great article from the Manville News, which is a great abridged history of the team. This article will enlarge if you click on it.

But Evans Field was more than just a football field, it also doubled as a baseball field. Home plate was the current corner of Newark Ave and Fucillo St. Gary also, sent in some great photos of the Manville Grammar School baseball team from 1946, which I was pleased to find out included my great Uncle Tony Polnasek, and Gary’s father Art. Anyway let me get right to the photo followed by another caption from Gary.

This picture was featured in a Manville News article, dated Feb. 2, 1989:

“Art Carmon remembered the lineup”

Standing, from left to right, are Art Carmon, John Dinsmore, an unknown player, Lloyd Wade, Pete Weichkus, John Terraciano, Ed Wolenski, Tony Polnasek, John Brennan.

Kneeling, from left to right, are Bob Lupino, Charles Saitta, Bob Passarello, Steve Ziegler, Julius Smolinka, Vic Czupprewicz, Frank Vayda and Charles Hladun. “

Art is my father.  He played at the many baseball fields of Manville over the years, including:

–          Dukes Parkway Park

–          the current site of the Rustic Mall bowling alley

–          the current site of the MHS parking lot

And here are a few more MGS player photos… You can click on them to enlarge them. Gary Carmon has been a long time supporter and contributor to the blog. I just want to thank him, Art, and the rest of the Carmon family for all of their help.


6 thoughts on “Evans Field / Manville Yellow Jackets

  1. Just saw the view of Evans Field and called Art (he doesn’t have a computer). He was amazed that someone came up with it so fast. Maybe Gary can send him a copy. Thanks for the good work! ronchar

  2. What year was the baseball lineup photo taken (approximately)? I have some relatives from Manville with the last name Hladun and was trying to determine who the Charles Hladun listed might be. Thanks.

  3. My father was from New Brunswick, NJ and played two seasons for the Manville Yellow jackets. He is 91 and still recalls these days very fondly. I have a beautiful team photo from the 1940 team that I will be glad to send you Mike Chibbaro

  4. You said that you never heard of the Yellow Jackets. I was very lucky. They all came into Petey’s over the years. Have lots of stories …… I played for MGS on Evans baseball field (7th and 8 grade). Livied at 107 Evans Drive.

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