Manville 1850 Landowners

1850 Hillsborough Map (Manville) • Click to Enlarge

I worked the Journey Through the Past tour this weekend at the Somerset Historical Society, where I got to do a little photo essay of the history of Manville. It was pretty fun, and for the short time I had to get it together I think it came out pretty decent. The best thing that probably happened though is I uncovered this 1950 Hillsborough landowner map and immediately snapped some photos of the section that would become Manville a little less than 70 years later. This map is important since the earliest map I have up here is 1860, and frankly it isn’t quite as detailed. I do have a low res photo of this one, but you could barely read it. This map is great because it includes the schools, mills, and a few stores. It also physically marks the locations of buildings, at least by 1850 mapmaking standards. Anyway this should be a great tool for people seeking pre Manville historical clues.


2 thoughts on “Manville 1850 Landowners

  1. So this map predates the one at the Hillsborough municipal building by about 10 years?

    I noticed a structure noted on (what would become) Main Street, a bit south of Camplain Road, that’s designated with what appears to be a drawing of a small tower instead of a black rectangle. It’s labeled “Harmony Pla(letter unclear)”

    Any idea what that was?

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