Manville Grammar School Basketball Team

Manville Grammar School Basketball Team • Click to Enlarge

I got another great Manville sports photo from Art & Gary Carmon. Again, I was pleased to find that my great uncle Tony is in this one. Another thanks to the Carmon family for this great shot… the photos they have been submitting are excellent quality. Here is Gary’s original message…

“In this MGS basketball photo (circa 1948), my father named these players…

 From left to right, in the back: John Brennan, Art Carmon, ?, Emily Potopowitz, John Terriciano, Pete Wejkus, Tony Polnasek.

 In the front: Vic Czyprevitz, Charlie Siatta, Willie Crycherik, Bob Lupine, Bob Passerello.

Also, he mentioned that this building had a low ceiling, so long shots were not possible!

 This structure (now Rhythm’s) was built by my great-grandmother Mary Bobrowski’s 2nd husband Arlan Koval.  He also built the white brick building (Classical Glass) across from Gatto’s, where my mother grew up.  That building is shown in your Manville Buildings blog (Middlebrook Encampment marker).”


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