Manville News, October 17, 1941

Good morning everyone. Here is another digitized old Manville News. This one is October 17, 1941. I knocked the scanning for this one out on Friday, but just got around to putting the files together this morning, so it’s possible I will have another issue up here by the end of today. I’m so close to the end of 1941, that I’ll be trying to knock out the remaining few in short order. If you missed the last couple of posts, these are all now being set up with text recognition. After you download this the file will be searchable. Here’s a link. Manville News 10-17-1941 OCR Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Manville News, October 17, 1941

  1. Thanks so much for posting these editions of the Manville News. It is truely appreciated that you are taking your time to do research and supply all this info to myself and all others that are interested in the history of Manville. NJ.

    • Of course it’s no problem. I couldn’t really let these papers get lost, especially knowing that they could possibly be the only copies left in existence. I’ll also feel great about delivering a digital copy of these to the Manville library when I’m done with them. It’s a labor of love for me, I’m just glad so many good people have responded and helped out with this site. I’ve gotten a lot of valuable feedback, and I feel like so much lost information has been passed on. We’re lucky that councilman Onderko connected me with the Shutack family to get these or this whole newspaper project would’ve never happened. Thanks for the appreciation.

  2. I’m looking for any pictures of a house that was located at 300 South Main Street. This is where the ice cream place is now.

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