Manville News, October 24, 1941

Alright. Here you go, as promised, One more issue of the old digital Manville News. This is October 24, 1941. Get Some! Heres a link! Manville News 10-24-1941 OCR This issue includes this great photo of the Manville Yellow Jackets football team. The Champs! Click the photo to enlarge…


2 thoughts on “Manville News, October 24, 1941

  1. I just found this site and read the Oct 24, 1941 Manville News. I had no idea that you were doing this. My father started the Manville News and this brings back many memories. He had a 6th grade education when he came to this country and really got involved in Manville. Thank you for the memories—joe trombadore, Pleasanton, Ca.

  2. My Dad never talked a lot about the “ironman” football he played. Just that when you came out of the game, you were out of the game like in baseball. He told me that the two teams split the gate receipts. That was their pay. I’d never seen this picture of him before. Thanks. Richard Karl, Coleman, MI

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