Vintage Manville Films

Hello folks, I noticed a lot of new subscribers on this blog, that’s awesome. Thank you. This new post is another great one for the video category. My buddy Gary Carmon, who also does a great website on the Carmon / Sandusky families has turned up some old Manville footage on VHS. Thankfully he put up the time and money to convert these to digital format and has begun to edit them. So here we have the first two, which Gary has graciously encouraged me to share on this site.

This fist video we believe is on Petey’s Bar, but cannot confirm. The first minute or so of the video is pretty shaky, but settles into a nice clear depiction of what Manville does best… have a lot of fun. I do not know the date on this either. If you can verify that this is in fact Petey’s, or if you are in or can identify anyone in the film please leave a comment and let us know.

The next film is of the Manville Fire Dept. If you are in, or can identify anyone in the film, please leave a comment.

Gary has also posted some photos from Neal Ranauro’s collection that are not shown on this blog. Please check out his website, especially if you have any info pertaining to the Carmon / Sandusky families. Thanks Gary for sharing these videos, and for spending the time and money to make these videos available to the public.


11 thoughts on “Vintage Manville Films

  1. I mentioned on an earlier comment about the 16mm movies Petey would show on certain nights at the bar. I believe these two were part of that collection. The films we saw were better quality. I hope Petey Jr. still has them. They were an unbelievable collection!
    I looked through the Carmon/Sandosky website and found myself and numerous school friends in the one photo of Roosevelt school Holloween shot. Very cool!
    I also found my father in another of Vets in front of the old Manville movies. I must correct the spelling. The Regetz name has three different spellings. “Regetz” being one, “Regiec” being another “Regatts” still another. He should’ve been noted as Stanley Regetz.

    • Thanks for the info Ron. If you can get me the names I would like to include that with the photos.
      Yes – I know there are better copies of Petey’s films out there somewhere. I hope to get a copy and replace the films on the website. What I have is an old vhs copy my father had laying around the house and I happened to stumble across it. It was a great find.
      My father went to Roosevelt in the early 40’s, and his sisters were there in the late 40’s.

  2. Thank you so much for putting this site together as well as documenting so much of my families’ history in Manville. My Grandfather, Joseph P. Dudash was the gentleman carrying the hose at the end of the footage (in the white tee-shirt). My dad, is his son Joe Dudash. I am so excited to pass along this history to my children now too. Thanks again.
    Estee Dudash LaClare

    • Great! Thanks for the info. I will add that to the description.
      I’m assuming former Mayor Marion Dudash is a relative? My sister was married by her in my parents’ living room back in the 80’s.

      • We talked about it via facebook. Do you want me to pull the videos from my website? It’s really a great piece of Manville history and I just thought other Manville people would be interested.

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