Vintage Manville Films • Garages

Alright everyone, here is another great film from the collection of Gary Carmon, who has been digitizing and editing an old VHS handed down from Petey Semenick Jr. into these small clips. This one is pretty long in comparison to the previous ones, and it’s of the Manville auto garages. These films might be familiar, as I understand they used to be shown at Petey’s bar in Manville back in the day. There are more of these coming… stay tuned!


8 thoughts on “Vintage Manville Films • Garages

  1. That’s a pretty awesome film; too bad there weren’t any wide shots to put the locations of those garages in context. The only shot I could place was the last one before the “Joey’s Motor Service” sign shot — you can see the old Main Street underpass in the background, so that must have been taken at the service station by JFK Blvd.
    Wasn’t the building next to Ruzycki’s Pharmacy (where the Bongiorno Agency was once located) a garage, way back when?

    • I have to correct myself — Bongiorno’s was not in the defunct garage next to Ruzycki’s. It was next door to Johnny’s Hillbilly Haven bar at Dakota Street.

  2. The building next to Ruzycki’s at one time housed a garage, Whelan’s garage. I remember filling up the gas tank of my Dad’s 1953 Plymouth Corona right there at he gas pump which was located right there next to the curbside. This occurred in 1959 when I was 17.

    • Hey Arthur, This is Mike that runs this site. I’ve heard by a few folks around town that you had one of the best collections of Manville photos around. Is that true? and if so you would mind showing me sometime? I know there are a few from your collection up on this site already… and they are great.

  3. One of those scenes shows what I believe to be what became Golden’s Texaco, across from JR’s steak house,now a Krauszers.
    Another shows,I believe- the Esso on the corner of Main & Knopf.

    Thanks to everyone involved in the 16mm and VHS transfer.I know how hard that is,I’ve done it for all the Family films.

  4. Pete Whelan owned the Gas Station that Art is talking about. Pete was a former Fire Chief in Manville. After Pete died Andy Page owned it until his death.

    • Golden’s Texaco Service Station was across from the Rolling Skating Ring owned by Chief John Jasinski. Migliore Bros Service Station was right before Railroad Ave. (J.F.K. Blv.) Before their was a Bongiorno’s it was J.R. Charneski Insurance also Max’s Tavern was their before Johnny’s Tavern. Pick my brain ….

  5. Well! The first one was Manville Service Station at the point as you come into town. The two guys on the right in the three man lineup were my Grandpa, John Moravek, and my father, Milan Moravek. Thanks for the peek into the past!!! Valerie Moravek Baker

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